Chapter 7
by The Chad 1

Warteen: So Monkey, what should we have for breakfast?
Monkey (Hopping up and down exidedly): Geek! Geek!
Warteen: Yeah, yeah. I know you have bananas. Queen Laine? What do you want?

**Queen Laine doesn't answer. Only soft whimpers can be heard coming from her direction.**

Warteen: Laine? Yo, Queeny. I said-

**Warteen pauses when he notices the look of absolute terror on Queen Laine's face. He quickly turns to the direction Queen Laine is staring in, his rapier drawn and ready. **

**Monkey is still digging through his stuff, looking for his bananas.**

**A feral snarl erupts from the forest as a very large, and very hungry looking Alpha Werewolf emerges. Soon, he is followed by four more, yet only slightly smaller, man-beasts all snarling and all (If you'll pardon the expression) armed to the teeth.**

Warteen: Okay Queen Laine. This is where your magic will really come in handy.

**Warteen turns back to his traveling companion, only to find her curled in a ball, cowering in fear. Because, for some, as of yet, undisclosed reason, the mighty Queen Laine is scared to death of werewolves.**

Warteen: ...Okay. That's a bad thing. Monkey? You with me?

**Warteen turns to his faithful pet, just in time you see him snach the bananas from his pack and scamper up a near by tree to realative safety.**

Warteen: Crap-on-a-stick! Oh, well. Looks like it just me and my shadow.

**Warteen moves into a defensive position as the Alpha Werewolf's snarling muzzel slowly becomes a feral grin. His the sharp claws on his paw gleam in the sunlight that streaks through the canopy as he raises it, signaling for his pack to attack the hapless travelers.**

**The creatures rush forward. Warteen raises his blade in preperation for the first attack, when a sound peirces the forest. A familiar battle cry sounds as The Great Chad swings into the fray by way of a rope.**


**The werewolves, entirely unimpressed by The Great Chad's Tarzan yell, simply step to the side and let the wildly swinging Great Chad pass harmlessly between them.**

Warteen (Muttering): Idiot.

**The werewolves again move forward, intent to kill Warteen and his fellow travlers. Fortunately, they didn't count on gravity to bring The Great Chad swinging wildly into their backs.**


**The Great Chad lands and servays the wrekage of his "attack".**

TGC: HA! My brillient plan worked perfectly! Fowl dog men! You have fallen in battle before the mighty brain and brawn of The Great Chad! Take pride in that fact alone.
Warteen: Oh shut up!
TGC: What?
Warteen: You're so full of yourself! That wasn't your plan, you just got lucky! You're plan failed when we found you in the bushes earlier today!
TGC: It did not! That was all part of my brillient plan as well! Besides, you didn't find me, she did!

**The Great Chad points to a still cowering Queen Laine. Queen Laine is still cowering because, although they've been knocked down, the werewolf pack is hardly dead, much less defeated.**

Warteen: Did so!
TGC: Did not!
Warteen: Did so!
TGC Did not!

**As The Great Chad and Warteen continue arguing, they fail to notice the entire werewolf pack rise and charge forward to attack.**

Warteen: Did-WAOH!!!

**Warteen and The Great Chad nearly miss being slashed to ribbons as the Alpha Werewolf's broad sword came swiping in between them.**

Warteen (To TGC): Fight now, argue later?

**The Great Chad placed a Vega-like three-clawed gauntlet on his right hand and held a twirled a long wooded staff in his left.**

TGC: Agreed!

**Warteen raises his rapier to defend against the Alpha Werewolf's next attack. The Great Chad blocked an attack to Warteen's unprotected back with his claw, and thrust his staff into the midsection of another werewolf charging at him.**

Alpha Werewolf: Give up! We have you foolish humans out numbered! Surrender now, and we'll kill you quickly!
Warteen: Hey! It speaks! Can you roll over and play dead too?
Alpha: DIE!!!

**Warteen and the Alpha began to duel with their sharp blades. Each of Warteen's skillful attacks were blocked by the much stronger broad sword of the massive werewolf, and in turn each of the Alpha's wild, yet powerful attacks were eaisly dodged of paried by the much more skilled Warteen.**

**The Great Chad was fairing just as well. He faced off agaist two of the werewolves. While one lied on the ground recovering from the earlier staff-to-the-gut, the remaining beast-man slowly stalked toward the frightend Queen Laine, sword raised and ready to strike.**

Werewolf: Heh heh!

**Fortunatly, The Great Chad noticed this and used his clawed hand to reach into his shirt to produce a thorwing knife. A knife which was soon in the back of the werewolf that was about to kill a seemingly defenseless girl.**

TGC: Serves him right, the fowl beast.

**The Great Chad used his staff to block an attack from one of the werewolves, and used his claw to take down the other one. The Great Chad may be a bragging, self-absorbed jerk...most of the time, but at least he has the skills, and weapons, to back it up...most of the time.**

**Meanwhile, Warteen had his hands full. The Alpha Werewolf is the strongest and most skilled member of a werewolf pack. Usually, more so than all the other pack members put together. Warteen was learning that lesson right now. Although, Warteen was currently matching the Alpha strike for strike. If he kept going at this pace, he would tire quicker than the Werewolf, and the Werewolf knew this.**

Alpha: Ha! Ha! Fight all you can, human! You cannot defeat me alone! You will die!
Warteen: Maybe, but I'm not going to give up either!
Alpha: Then die!!!

**As the Alpha Werewolf raised his sword to deliver a powerful finishing blow, a wooded staff suddenly came out of nowhere and struck him directly in the eye.**

Warteen: Wha?

**The Alpha Werewolf howled in pain as he covered his wounded eye. With a fearsome snarl, the massive beast looked around for the source of the attack. He found The Great Chad alright, but he also found three werewolves dead on the ground, a forth curled into a ball of pain, and a steadily recovering Warteen.**

**Despite his size and feral manner, the Alpha Werewolf knew when the tide was turning against him.**

Alpha: You may have won this round, humans, but I'll be back! The Master has ordered your destruction! You will not live to see the next season change! This I swear!

**With that the Alpha Werewolf turned and ran back into the cover of the forrest, tail placed firmly between his legs.**

Warteen (To TGC): Well, thanks, I guess. What are you doing here anyway?
TGC: What? Can't a man as mighty as me, The Great Chad, help his friends in time of need?
Warteen: Well sure, but since when have we ever been "friends"? What are you up to?
TGC (On the defensive): What are you talking about? The Great Chad has no idea what you mean!
Warteen: Oh c'mon! You're always scheming. Why would this be any different?

**The Great Chad would've answered with an intelligent and complete answer if they hadn't been interupted by the sound of Queen Laine recovering from her moment of absolute terror.**

QL (Meekly): Ar-are they gone?
Warteen: Yeah, they're gone. Are you okay?
QL: Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be-AHHH! FIREBALL!!!

**A sphere of flame erupted from Queen Laine's hand and sailed past Warteen and The Great Chad, right into the attacking werewolf left behind by the others, burning the poor lycanthrope to a cinder.**

TGC: Wow! Cool.
Warteen: What was that about?
QL: N-nothing.
TGC: Doesn't seem like nothing to me.
Warteen: Leave her alone.
TGC: What? I didn't mean anything! Why don't YOU leave ME alone! Or does The Great Chad have to MAKE you leave him alone?
Warteen: Oh Yeah?
TGC: Yeah!

**Before Warteen and The Great Chad could continue their heated debate, Queen laine made a full recovery and decided to attempt to play peacemaker for the two.**

QL: Boys! Boys! Why don't we all settle down? You defeated the w-werewolves, we gained a new member in our party...

**Warteen didn't look very excited about that prospect**

QL: And I managed to cast a perfectly good spell. Let's just get moving, try to get along, and chalk the whole thing up to good luck.

**With that Queen Laine gave a friendly slap on the back to The Great Chad, who instantly disappeared in a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared a white duck stood in place of The Great Chad.**

The Great Duck: Quack!
QL: Oh dear! I said "luck" not "duck". I didn't even cast a spell!
Warteen: I don't know, I kinda like him this way. Maybe I can actually get along with him now.
TGD (Flapping madly): Quack!

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