Chapter 6
by grlnxtr

Queen Laine: Monkey! Stop it! You're tearing my new sandals.
Monkey: Snap! Snap!

QL mutters under her breath, and with a quick check to see if anyone else is looking, turns Monkey back with a minimum of smoke and no rhyming difficulties at all. Monkey looks at her quizzically.

QL: Not a word, Monkey.

Monkey stares down at himself and notices that he's still wearing a tutu. He points, one hand (paw?) on his hip. QL snickers and runs to catch up with Warteen.

QL: Now what?
Warteen: Onward! Sally forth!
QL: Cowabunga?

He gives her a mildly withering look.

QL: Don't even tell me that Michaelangelo wasn't your favorite.

He shakes his head, walking down the slightly dusty road. They continue on until dark, when they proceed to make camp.


Warteen opens his eyes, confused. Hadn't he just fallen asleep? He glances around, startled by the unfamiliar scenery - a castle, he concludes after a moment's study. Inside of a castle, but there are no doors.

The walls are smooth and white. Suddenly, he hears a cry coming from somewhere within the building. Whirling around, he tries frantically to locate the source. The screams echo off of the walls until the sound penetrates his every thought.


Waking with a jerk, he glances at Queen Laine and Monkey, still fast asleep. I must remember to tell them about that, he thinks. It could be important.

The next morning, they wake with the sun, QL grumbling all the time about the horrid hour. They set off down the road.

Suddenly, Warteen stops.

QL: What is it?
Warteen: I...I don't know. I think I dreamed something last night that I wanted to tell you guys about.
QL: What did you dream?
Warteen: (pausing to think) I don't remember.

He shrugs, engaging Monkey in a conversation about breakfast. Focused on food, he doesn't notice Queen Laine's eyes widen, a look of horror crossing her features.

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