Chapter 3
by grlnxtr

Warteen pauses, glancing over his shoulder as the bushes rustle ominously. Monkey pokes him in the head and makes shooing motions to get him moving again.

Warteen: I am not paranoid, Monkey.

He wonders if anyone else heard him talk to his pet monkey, and quickly walks in the opposite direction - directly into a cloud of pink smoke and someone standing in the middle of it.

Queen Laine: I hate pink!

QL attempts to brush the pink-smoke-residue out of her hair, but it obviously does not work.

Warteen: Hello, Laine!

QL: Yes, hello. I thought I told you to call me "Queen Laine." (she glares.)

Warteen: You're not a queen. (he laughs at her glare)

QL: ...I know that. But I can turn your monkey into a toad, (because I'm a sorceress like that) so I think you should obey me.

Warteen: Yeah. Okay.

He obviously does not believe in her powers, so she concentrates on Monkey, who is also expressing his disbelief by way of an arched simian eyebrow. QL mumbles under her breath, something about monkeys and ants, and then aims her hand in the general direction of Monkey. As the green smoke clears, she looks at Monkey.

QL: Not "dance!" "Ants!" (she pauses in contemplation) Actually...yeah, that'll work.

Monkey now wears a tutu and a small princess crown.

QL: So, what are you up to? (Monkey frantically tries to remove the girly articles of clothing, but then realizes that the tutu hides his bulky hips. He instead begins to preen, pirhouetting on Warteen's shoulder.)

Warteen: We're adventuring!

QL: Um...alright.

Warteen: Wanna' come?

QL: (thinks for a moment.) Well, the Magic Computer Lab is open until 11 all week, so I have time. Sure! (She glances behind them, into the still ominously-rustling bushes.) Is The Great Chad coming with us?

TGC, from the bushes: D'oh!

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