Chapter 4
by Warteen

TGC (quietly, from bushes): I'm spotted! What to do, what to do...
Warteen: What, that fiend Chad is here?! *looks around, confused*
Q.Laine: Look where I'm pointing, idiot! *points at bushes*
TGC (from bushes): Oh no! Inviz! *Chad's Inviz spell has no effect* What?! Inviz! Inviz!!! Dahhh!!!

**Warteen walks over to the bushes and pulls them aside easily, revealing a cowering Chad.**

Warteen: You!!!
Chad (panicked): Uhhh... *points* Look out behind you!

**Warteen, Q.Laine, and Monkey look. Chad quickly slips away.**

Warteen: Hey I don't see anythi... *looks back to where Chad was* Hey!!!
Q.Laine: Darn it, he used the old "look out behind you" trick! I should have known!
Monkey: Ooh... *hangs head in shame*
Warteen: You know, it's going to be very troublesome if that baddie-two-shoes follows us on our adventure.
Q.Laine: Don't worry about it. My magic will keep him at bay.

**Warteen and Monkey both roll their eyes, but Q.Laine doesn't notice.**

Warteen: So anyway, where to now?
Q.Laine: Shouldn't you decide that? Lead us, oh brilliant one.
Warteen: (oblivious to Laine's sarcasm) Hey, thanks. Well, anyway, I say we should... rest!
Q.Laine: What? I just got here! You're tired already?
Warteen: Well, no, but I am hungry. *Monkey nods in agreement* C'mon, it's nice and warm out. We can sit in the shade of this tree here. *gestures at a nearby tree*

**Q.Laine looks at the tree in confusion, thinking it wasn't there a minute ago, but she relents and sits in the shade with Warteen and Monkey. Warteen enjoys a candy bar while Monkey starts on a banana. Q.Laine sits calmly, watching for any signs of danger on the horizon. She then looks at the tree and does a double-take.**

Q.Laine: Hey...
Warteen (with mouth full of chocolate): Mmph?
Q.Laine: Look at this tree.
Warteen: *swallows* Huh? *turns around and looks closely at the tree's trunk* What the... It looks like a face! *gets up and circles the trunk, examining it closely* This is incredible! Someone must have carved it in here... that's the only thing that makes any sense...

**Suddenly the many branches of the tree plunge into the ground in a circle around the perimeter of the group, creating a sort of solid wooden cage.**

Warteen: Or that.

**Monkey and Laine yelp in shock. Warteen quickly gets out his rapier and slashes at the branches of the cage, but they are too thick to cut through. Suddenly, more branches come at them from overhead, twisting and turning violently.**

Warteen: That is definitely not good.

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