Chapter 2
by The Chad 1

**A figure hidden in the deep dark shadows watched as Warteen left his house, a chimpanzee named Monkey riding on his shoulders. Okay, so it wasn't so much the "deep dark shadows" as the shade of a giant umbrella protruding from the table on the porch of the local cafe.**

Figure: So, Warteen is off on another adventure is he? Obviously, he's going to search for treasure, fame, and babes, but he will find nothing but danger, trouble, and evil...

**The Figure pauses to take a bite of his doughnut and a sip of his morning tea.**

Figure: ...Then he will find Treasure, Fame, and Babes and he won't leave any for me!!! This is unacceptable! I, The Great Chad, deserve Treasure, Fame, and Babes! Not that brave, noble...(Aw, who am I kidding?) That unbelievably lucky jerk Warteen!

**The Great Chad watches with contempt as a happy Warteen waved "Good Bye" to his house.**

TGC (With a twisted gleam in his eye): The fool. I'm not going to let him get all the glory and riches this time. This time, I'm going to follow him and take all the glory for myself...or he'll die trying.

**The Great Chad begins to laugh maniacally as Warteen walks off towards the horizon. The other patrons of the cafe stare quizically at the laughing goof sitting at the far table on the porch.**

TGC: The Great Chad will have the riches of this land...and all the babes too!

**The Great Chad gets up and turns to follow the oblivous Warteen.**

Cheerful Waitress: Excuse me, Sir! You need to pay your check, please!

TGC: Check? The Great Chad needs to pay no check! Checks are beneath me.

Less Than Cheerful Giant Chef Wielding a Huge Cleaver: PAY...YOUR...CHECK...SIR!!!

TGC (In a shy, defeated voice): Yessir.

**The Great Chad pays his check and quickly rushes to follow his rival adventurer. And to get as far away from that huge cleaver as quickly as possible.**

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