Chapter 1
by Warteen

Warteen: Ah, what a wonderful night of sleep. I had some wonderful dreams, although I don't remember any of them. Hmm. *scratches his head* That's bizarre. I always remembered my dreams before. Hey, Monkey!

**Warteen's loyal pet chimpanzee, Monkey, gets up from his sleeping place, a miniature version of Warteen's bed that sits next to it.**

Monkey: Ooh ooh ooh...
Warteen: Mornin', Monkey. You know, it's been a while since you and I have gone on an adventure, hasn't it?
Monkey: Ooh.
Warteen: Yeah, yeah, I know you don't understand me. You're just a dumb chimp, after all. *Monkey slaps him in the head.* Ow! Okay, I'm sorry... Anyway, my point is, let's get out of here. Intrepid adventurers are we, and all that. Ah, wait, we need to pack. Get your stuff together.

*Warteen and Monkey go around the small house where they live and get together everything they feel might be useful on a journey. Fifteen minutes later...*

Warteen: Okay, Monkey, let's see what ya got. *Monkey hands him his pack.* Hmm... two bunches of bananas... and... that's it? It took you fifteen minutes to pack this?
Monkey: Ook ook! *nods*
Warteen: Okay... Well, anyway, I guess you don't need anything else... Here's what I got, though: *rifles through oversized bag* A journal filled with blank paper and a few pencils and pens, some clean clothes - we can always buy (or just take) more later if need be - my rapier (don't leave home without it!), a few candy bars, and a ball of superstrong twine that I found last week. *Monkey looks at him skeptically* Hey, you never know when it'll come in handy! A warrior/thief like myself always has to be prepared, you know. *strikes a pose, Monkey slaps him again* HEY! ....Well, anyway, I guess that's everything. Let's go and see the world, maybe rescue a few babes.... I mean, DAMSELS... on the way. Make some new friends and whatnot. Hop on, Monkey!
Monkey: Ooh... *climbs onto Warteen's shoulders*
Warteen: Okay. Bye, house! Let's get outta here.

**Warteen throws the bag over his left shoulder, underneath Monkey, and heads out the door.**

Warteen: (humming happily) Who knows... where the spirit of adventure... will take ussss...

**Warteen and monkey head off toward the horizon.**

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