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notes from the maintainer

Each time period is divided up into scenes, seperated by a heading that runs across all four columns, and sometimes by color-coding as well.

The "played by" column, in this RP at least, is an almost inconsequential thing, since everyone is *supposed* to write for the other characters as the situation calls for it. For characters who aren't the in-story representation of any of us, I've called them NPCs, and then put the name of the person who first introduced them in parenthasies.

Any corrections or changes you want made, use IM or email, both are available via my profile.


Time Periods

in timeline order (cretaceous before 1800s, etc)


a small beach village, time unknown

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
(Plane) Flight!
Diamina NPC (Chad) Long, jet black hair, lots of jewelry, very pretty on the outside. Kinda like a box of chocolates stuffed full of dog poop. "Diamina, you've just finished the genocide of a small, nonthreatening race of mages. What're you going to do now?!?" Yes, folks, this time's Diamina has left for Disney World.
Shadow Creatures NPCs (Chad) The evil! The evil! why would they stick around when thier leader is going to Disney World?!?!
Eleanor NPC (Adam) young version of Milady. A sweet little girl. hiding in a bush, accidentally left behind by Palios
LemonLighter NPC (Mugsy) Bright yellow chocobo stuck in the timeless past with Eleanor

a namelessly beautiful land

This place seems to be some sort of light forest. Go fig. (time period unknown)
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status

Queen Laine's body is still here somewhere. Oh, and there's this big, long wall that a bunch of tiny faries built eons ago before they died out. But that's a story for another time.

the "present"

The Master's tower, in Rhiona Province
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
The Master's tower, main antechamber
The Master's tower, Milady's high chamber
Milady (Lenore Cooper) NPC (Jon) the "present tense" Milady sent lackeys into the future to kill Palios, get Timekey mk3 from Bartender, and re-kidnap Warteen. Boy, she sure gave them a full shopping list.
The Master NPC (Chad) He's our Big Bad :
cosmic magical energy, itty-bitty magical skill.
Back with Milady, waiting for lackeys to bring back Timekey mk3 (this can not end well)
unidentified woman NPC (Warteen) 'nother Child of Erronius (this time from Wall Street, circa 2000) taken along for the ride when Milady summoned everyone back for the meeting
The Master's tower, the dungeon is empty (you'd think they'd at least have some political prisoners or something, though)

On the border of Murishina, a small country neighboring Rhiona Province
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
near Izrafel, a small border city
General Ira NPC (Jon) the commander of Milady's army preparing the troops to invade Murishina
Milady's army NPCs (Jon) well, duh getting psyched up to invade Murishina
The Murishinan army NPCs (Jon) Jarushun's forces not very happy with their leader for walking them into a big trap

Milady's 1890s, steampunk-style

Milady's kingdom
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Milady's castle, main chamber
Satin NPC (Chad) Little girl or scourge of the universe? You decide. Things go straight to hell when The Devil decides to crash your party
The Once-and-Still- Moderately-Great Chad Chad Bwa ha ha, it's The Gread Chad! Only, he's on Milady's leash for REAL this time! Notable features include his magi-tech artificial right hand, goatee, and flowing cloak chopped off his younger counterpart's hand with a lightsaber
Carrie Mac Elling NPC (Jon) Scottish/English/etc cross, 25 years old and cute as a button. Semi-mad scientist / wizard of note. Fond of Jon defeat the evil!
Jon Spike NPC (Jon) full name Jonathan Marlinspike. *really* tall Major Domo and personal bodyguard to Milady. Fond of Carrie. defeat the evil!
Milady Eleanor Cooper, Empress NPC (Jon) ambiguously benevolent dictator. The oldest Milady we've run into yet defeat the evil! No, wait, I am the evil! No wait, that's not right, I'm just a dictator! Ack! Ignore the confused lady behind the curtain of blue flame!!!
Palios NPC (Chad) one of Erronius's children (fully grown, age unknown) defeat the evil! Teamed up with Laine and Raine, only to get thwacked by Satin
Queen Laine grlnxtr (Laine) the good half of Raine (and no longer a ghost, (no) thanks to Satin) Defeat the evil with Sisterhood! (Palios has apparently joined a Sisterhood. Go fig)
Queen Raine WriterDee the "evil" (or at least more mischevous) half of Laine. No longer under Milady's control, (no) thanks to Satin Defeat the evil with Sisterhood! Satin stole the spell she was charging, and she has since passed out
The Bartender NPC (Mugsy) bartender-ish defeat the evil! not sure how this weak-ass is gonna help, though
Monkey NPC (Adam/Warteen) monkey-ish defeat the evil... same as Bartender
Bob The Ninja Mugsy ninja (duh), (formerly) loyal to Erronius, has one of Erronius's Gaggle of Lion rings same as Monkey
Warteen Warteen (Adam) hero, disfunctional psychic, etc back (or still) in his right mind, thanks to Satin. Defeat the evil!
Diamina NPC (Chad) Far-future version. She's really been alive all this time, and yes, the dog poop inside THIS box of chocolates has only gotten smellier. Kill everyone, steal the Timekeys. Blah blah blah. Now she's pissed that her little sister (who's actually competent, mind you) won't let her kill anyone
Skull NPC (Chad) Flunky of Diamina. Skull mask and black cloak. Definately her magic advisor. No longer a copyright violation. this one has *probably* come along with Diamina, though has yet to be mentioned in the story
Hacker NPC (Chad) "a heavily armored blue and black android with half of it's white head visible and a metallic red mohawk" not that he'd be happy about it, but his status is the same as Skull's.
Shadow Creatures NPCs (Chad) The evil! The evil! Oh wait, they belong to Daimina. The stupid! The stupid! future version of the nameless rabble
The Great Chad Chad Eeeevil. Now with added strongness. Kill everyone, capture Warteen, do naughty things to Raine, blah blah blah
Ha-Kee NPC (Chad) Tall, dark, and elven following Chad
Alpha Wolf NPC (Chad) extra-large generic werewolf. Nothing to see here. same as Ha-Kee. This has not changed for the last six chapters.
elsewhere is empty

Diamina's Kingdom
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Diamina's very own board room
The Master NPC (Chad) The very same master, although he's just a shadow of his former self. Has a very touch-and-go relationship with Time, but is as old as Diamina at this point. He's stuck as even more of a shadow than normal (probably due to Milady's efforts), and he wants OUT.

hades (or thereabouts)

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
The Kill List
(by order of death, earliest first)
Erronius Mugsy sage, rosemary and thyme shattered like a really old rose dipped in liquid nitrogen (I don't remember when)
Beautiful Timeweaver Woman NPC (Adam) Formerly the leader of the Timeweavers, and Eleanor's mom got on the wrong side of a giant bran muffin (that is, the bottom) in Chapter 48
Timeweaver Tribe NPCs (Chad) Poor Eleanor, her entire tribe consists of cannon fodder. Whee. With that in mind, can you really blame her for going bad? Previously defending their village. Now meat, at the hands of the *really* nasty company that Diamina keeps. Chapter 48
Gerard, son of Erronius NPC (Chad) An unfortunate Child of Erronius who found himself in the American Old West dusted by Chad & co in Chapter 49

Disney World (ie: plot limbo)

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
WinterDee NPC (who the hell thought him up, anyway?) Elf. The little kind. The kind you bake into cookies and eat. I just had to put him in here because Adam reminded me that he existed. I don't really anticipate his return.


none at this time

Cast List Archive

Just in case you're curious about where the characters were left at the end of any particular chapter. No, I'm NOT going to do this for any chapters before 44. ^^;

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