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May 2001


Well, I shipped off about half my room today. Now I'm just stuck about what to do with the other half. I DUNNO IF MY CAR'S BIG ENOUGH!!! Where the HECK did I get all this stuff from? Well, at least my hair is nice and short again. Yes, besides hauling huge boxes around for hours, getting a haircut was the highlight of my day. (:

Random thought of the day: It's hard for me to always remember that other people can't hear what I'm thinking. I wish they could. Then I wouldn't have to repeat myself as much.


What a $@$%&#$%&$%&*(%^&(*%^&$%^$%^#%^$#%^@$%$%^&#$%& lousy day. And it was all my fault, too. That's all I have to say about that.


Not much going on today. Just prepping for my trip home for the summer. Also, plans for travel arrangements and dates are almost finalized. And for a late dinner I made (if you could call my efforts "making") a big old thing of Sams Club pseudo-Chinese food (and I mean big). That was my culinary adventure for the day. I added some peanuts to it and it turned out ok. What's that you're saying? Ok, I'll stop my rambling now, since you're insisting *that* loudly.

Screwball site of the day: Muffin Films. A friend sent me this link today over IM. It's insane.


Well, did some packing and book-boxing today. Tomorrow I figure out who's got the cheapest rates to ship 'em back. One step closer to getting some other stuff in the mail too (what it is, though, only Chad would be interested to know). Finally, got to hang w/ a friend from the database class I took this semester one last time. Good stuff.


Ug. Big lousy headache today. Slept most of it away. Ug.

During my laying around though (laziness isn't all it's cracked up to be, by the way), I did think up a joke. Ok, here goes: "I once heard a story about this function who went out on a call, but never returned. Spooky, huh?". I apologize to all those who's braincells I've killed with bad computer humor.


Life lesson learned today -- *never* drink mocha on a mostly-empty stomach. Holy crap was I hyper. A cheap CD I picked up at the used bookstore today, by "The Deluxetone Rockets" (on the Tooth and Nail label) wasn't helping it any, either. If you've never heard of 'em, they play a *very* fast variety of swing. In other news, my trip home is going to be delayed quite a bit. By a week at least, which puts my departure date at about 5/20. <sigh> All parties involved have agreed that I would be better off driving with somebody else, and no somebody-elses are available until then.

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