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September -- December 2000 Daily Journals

12/27/2000 -- Todays the day the Psion died

Well shoot. The screen on my poor Psion has been steadily declining in health over the last few months (since February or so, actually). An internal plastic clip finally broke on it a few days ago, so I took it apart today to see if I could glue it. And boy, did I take it apart. I gutted the sucker. Only, after seeing what's happening to the connectors leading into the screen, I've abandoned most all hope of ever fixing it... The connectors are pulling away from their contacts inside the screen itself, and I can't bloody get to 'em, just see enough of 'em to see what's going on. <sigh> Well, when my Zaurus broke, I found a notebook and made a Paper Zaurus (I wrote stuff down inside the notebook... I'm not *that* good at origami). So now it's time to find me a Paper Psion, because, of course I have no money to actually replace the thing. Shoot. At least I have a Psion emulator on my laptop, so I can still get to my data. On the plus side, the thing looks really cool on the inside. (:

In other news, I went shopping today for one of my Christmas presents... I now have a scanner, so perhaps there will be some pictures around the site now, once I get it hooked up. I might even get some pictures of Cornerstone 2000 and my trip to AZ up! Finally (and you'll find this one *really* interesting), I got my hair cut. So now I've got short fuzzy hair, instead of longer fuzzy hair. The spike thing is getting kinda old.

11/20/2000 -- Ho Ho Ho!!!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! The temp place just called me and offered me a job as SANTA CLAUS!!!!!! (*Jon collapses, laughing hysterically. After a few minutes, he picks himself up*) Unfortunately, I couldn't take the job because I'm leaving to come back to Michigan on the 18th, and the job would go through the 24th... Oh well (*snickers again*) Good Lord, I'd have to have a whole Macy's worth of pillows in my coat to look anything like Santa!



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