Chapter 53
by The Chad 1

**As the room seemed to momentarily freeze at Satin's shocking revelation, three figures quietly backed away towards the massive doors. What the three didn't notice, however, was that the shadow demons that covered the room simply allowed them to pass.**

Ha-Kee: I believe this is as good a time as any to make a strategic withdraw.

TGC: I hate to admit it, but you're right. Let them duke it out. We'll just swoop in and take whatever we want when the dust settles. Like answers...

**TGC looked at the smoldering stump that was his right hand.**

TGC: ...And revenge.

**TGC also held his Timekey close to his chest with his remaining hand.


**Ha-Kee grabbed the Alpha Werewolf by the muzzle and kept him silent.**

Ha-Kee: No! You fool! Great Chad is right, we are hopelessly out-numbered. If we fall back now, and let them all battle each other, we can simply take the Timekeys from a the tired and weakened winners.

Alpha: But what about taking Warteen alive?

TGC (With a sinister smile): Accidents happen.

**Alpha returned the smile and glared at Warteen before he and TGC ducked out the door.**

**Ha-Kee also took a look back into the tension filled room, and found the future version of The Great Chad staring directly at him. The look, however, wasn't one of anger or hatred, but one of sorrow and pity. The Dark Elf quickly dismissed the incident and followed his comrades out of the room.**


**In one of the massive corridors in Milady Lenore's tower, two dark figure watched three figures carefully sneak out of Milady's throne room.**

Hacker: There he is. He's the one The Master warned us about. The traitor.

Skull: Perfect. Then he's the one we're supposed to get.

Hacker: Yes, luckily The Master also told us his weakness. Get ready.

**Skull only groaned in disgust as TGC and Co. approached their position.**

**TGC was about to walk right into them when he was stayed by Alpha's massive paw.**

Alpha (While sniffing the air): Wait! There's someone here!

Ha-Kee: I sense it too. Someone with powerful magic is near.

**Hacker shimmered into view as he dropped is personal camouflage device and returned to his preferred golden hue. Several weapons and lasers popped out of the massive robot's arms and aimed at the trio of evil warriors.**

**Skull also appeared when the cloaking spell was raised. The hooded figure in the bleached white skull mask and flowing black robes stood before them, sharp claws clearly visible coming from the long sleeves of the robe.**

**Alpha and Ha-Kee drew their weapons while The Great Chad held onto the Time key and prepared for a fight.**

**To their surprise, that fight never came.**

Skull (Holding up a slender hand): Wait, my friends! We are here to help you. I can see that one of you is injured.

TGC (Glancing at his missing hand): What?

Skull: We have heard of you, O Great Chad, and we wish to join you and, hopefully, share in the rewards.

TGC: WHAT?!? Why on earth would I EVER want to share my reward with an over-grown garbage disposal and a reject from ''Halloween 12: Michael Myers Gets Kicked in the Nuts''?!? I already have a pair of lackeys, and I don't even want to share with them!!!

**Ha-Kee and Alpha put their weapons away and decided to let a one-handed TGC fend for himself.**

Skull: Oh, I'm sure I can think of something...

**With that, Skull removed the skull mask and pulled down the black hood of the robe to reveal a SHE! Not just any woman, but a strikingly beautiful cat-girl with light brown fur, cat-like ears, large emerald green eyes, and darker brown hair done into a ponytail.**

Skull: My name is Skute’. You like?

TGC: Me-ow!

**A surprised Ha-Kee and Alpha Werewolf again drew their swords and aimed them at the offending cat-creature.**

TGC (Still looking at the cat-girl): Oh, come now. Put the swords away.

Alpha: B-but...


**Both sneer menacingly, but comply.**

Ha-Kee: This is unwise.

Alpha (Muttering in a whinny voice): But she's a cat!

TGC: Now, we were talking about...rewards?

Skute’ (With a flutter of her green eyes): Yes, as I was saying. You're injured. We can fix that.

Ha-Kee: How?

**A panel opened on Hacker's chest and a shelf with miscellaneous robot parts rolled out. Skute’ picked up a silver android hand and held it up to The Great Chad.**

Skute’: Give me your arm.

**TGC held out his right arm and Skute’ grabbed it, holding the robotic hand up to the slaughtered stump and chanting in some archaic language. With a blinding red glow, the robotic appendage attached itself to TGC's arm. When the glow subsided, Skute’ released TGC's arm and allowed him to check out his replacement hand. When he flexed it just right, sharp steel claws came out.**

TGC: 2 Sw33t!

Skute’: There. Good, enough?

TGC: Even better! A hand truly deserving of one so great as I! Now...what else do you have to offer?

**Skute’ slinked right up to The Great Chad and pressed herself against him. Skute’ raised her leg to rub against The Great One and started purring. TGC could feel a tail snake around his own leg and let out an audible gulp.**

Skute’ (Whispering in his ear): Whatever you desire.

Ha-Kee: Enough of this!

**Ha-Kee grabbed Skute’ and shoved her to the ground. No one noticed as Hacker started to chuckle.**

Ha-Kee: We don't know who you are, what you're doing here, or even what side you're on! Why should we accept anything on your behalf? Do you seriously think we believe you're here just to help us?

Skute’ (Picking herself up off the floor): No. I don't suppose you do. Hacker and I have been sent by The Master of this era. Believe me when I tell you his goals have not changed over the centuries.

Ha-Kee: I have been in the service of The Master and Milady since the Eldar Wars ended and neither of you are part of any evil forces I've ever seen.

Hacker (Showing off by running through several of the weapons that extend from his arm): We're the new models.

Alpha: Neat-o!

Ha-Kee: Fine. We'll except our assistance...for now.

TGC(Under his breath): Yes!

**When a loud crash came from the throne room, Skute’ put back on her hood and mask.**

Skull: It appears the battle has begun again.

TGC: Looks like. Well, gang! I've got a new hand, new lackeys, and a whole new mean streak! Let's go kick some a$$!

Alpha and Hacker: YEAH!!!

**Just then the door to the throne room exploded and Queen Raine came flying out at break-neck speed with Carrie in her arms. Raine impacted with the opposite wall and fell to the ground in an unconscious heap with Carrie on top. Carrie looked up to see The Great Chad and four other frightening figures surround her and the knocked-out Queen Laine.**

TGC: Hey, look fellas! It's my "ex"...And another tasty little morsel! You know what, forget the battle. I have a much better idea!

**The sound of evil laughter echoing throughout the corridor was drowned out by the battle in the main chamber of Milady's tower.**

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