Chapter 51
by grlnxtr

Previously, on As the Clock Turns...



Diamina's various villain lackeys charged towards the remaining three groups, all of which moved closer together at the oncoming threat.

The combined group watched with apprehension as the lackeys got closer and closer, various handy weapons ready. Queens Laine and Raine, both still slightly confused, quickly joined hands and began mumbling in an ancient language, blue light growing between them.

The gathered group watched, surprised, as the entire Lackey Corps smacked into an invisible wall.

TGC: (to the Queens) Impressive.

QR batted her considerable eyelashes at TGC, jumping when QL kicked hard her in the ankle.

QL: He's a bad guy, you idiot! Also, thank you, but we didn't do that.

Satin: (appearing slowly, smile first) No, I did.

At QL's sharp intake of breath, Satin turned and smiled sweetly.

Satin: Laine!

Satin ran up and hugged QL, pulling hard on her hair to pull her down to her mouth level.

Satin: (quietly, but maliciously) It wasn't a dream, Witch.

QL pulled back, quickly enough to push Satin away. Noting the fear and helplessness in QL's eyes, Satin smiled happily and turned back to Diamina.

Satin: Now, Diamina, I really think you should leave these nice people alone.

TGC: Hey! I'm not nice! I'm bad, bad I tell you! Bad to the -

Satin: (turning, slightly, raising a small hand in a nearly elegant gesture) Quiet.

TGC scratched frantically at his mouth, which was now incapable of opening.

Warteen: I think you're probably evil, little girl, but thank you nonetheless.

Satin turned towards Warteen, arm raised in the same gesture. Warteen quickly mimed zipping his mouth shut, locking it and throwing the key over his shoulder.

Diamina: What, did Mommy and Daddy forbid me to kill them or something?

Satin: You nitwit, our parents have been dead for hundreds of years. If it weren't for you and our brother, I would be on that throne and the rest of you would beg me to make you suffer just a little less.

Warteen: See? I knew she was evil. I could just tell.

QL: Shut up! No talking when the small demon girl is gloating.

QL kicked Warteen in the ankle this time, just for good measure.

Warteen: Hey, how about a little less of that, Kicky McKickerton?

Diamina: Can we get to the fighting now? Skipper here just can't take that I'm about to get the Key.

Satin turned towards the Bartender, raising her hand. The Bartender held on as tightly as possible, but as a mere mortal, could do nothing to stop the Key from flying into the small white hand of the seemingly innocent girl.

Satin: You mean this Key?

Diamina: No, I mean the one that...Oh. Yeah, that one.

Palios noticed QL and QR discreetly grasping hands again, chanting as quietly as possible. He moved up next to them, very slowly, and grasped QR's hand. QL and QR opened their eyes, looking at the stranger with identical expressions of surprise. Palios nodded slightly, holding onto QR's hand tighter to allow them to use whatever power he might have.

At the joining of the two different powers, Satin's head shot around to the trio, eyes glowing bright orange.

Satin: Enough.

QL gasped as she felt the gathered power shoot out of her and into Satin, catching her sister as the same thing happened to her and she passed out.

QL: Who are you?

Milady stepped forward, power glowing around her like a bright blue shield.

Milady: I know who she is.

Satin's eyes widened, as she slowly realized who the apparent leader of this slightly raggedy group was. Curtseying, she managed to gasp a few words, voice mostly broken by the power facing her.

Satin: Mother.

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