Chapter 49
by The Chad 1

Chapter 49: The Worlds Beyond

**Queen Laine backed away in horror. The fuzzy image of an insane Warteen, cackling gleefully, was the only thing she could focus on.**

Warteen (In a sing-song voice): La-ine! Please help us take over the world! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

**Queen Laine could feel the tears swell up in her eyes. All the betrayal, all the death, her own! It finally all became too much for her. Queen Laine tore herself away from the blurry image of Warteen and ran in the opposite direction crying.**

**The dearly departed Lainey was about to leave the dungeon all together when a powerful arm clasped around her shoulder and stopped her dead in her tracks.**

Voice: Woah, there Lil' Miss Magic. We have an appointment here.

**Laine slowly turned to look at the tall, powerful figure behind her. It appeared to be a being shadow and smoke. The Master! No, it wasn't The Master. The shadow and smoke of this imposing figure seemed to create a toga. She could see that clearly. As a matter of fact, she could see every detail of the frightening being. She could see his blueish-grey skin and the toothy grin on his long, sinister face. Blue flame burned on the top of his head, like a freaky version of hair.**

QL: Who-who are you?

Figure (Holds out his hand as his smile grows): Name is Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya doin'?

**Laine regarded the extended hand with caution, but refused to shake it. The dark god of death noticed this and used the extended hand to slick back his ''hair''.**

Hades: Okay, the point're dead. You know that right? Right. Anyway, you're supposed to checking in for a nice, long stay at Chez Underworld, but instead you're waltzing around up here like some kinda wondering spirit, and I'm thinkin' that's gotta stop. Heck, even that Erronius guy found his way down there and he has the senses of a deflated volleyball. So, c'mon, we're going.


**Hades grabbed Laine's arm and began to drag her away. Laine tried in vain to fight against the god, but only succeeded in annoying him.**

Hades (Flaring up with red flame, causing Laine to recoil in fear): LISTEN YOU! I don't exactly have the time to argue over this! It gets real busy down there, especially during cold and flu season! I was willing to be nice about this but--

Another voice: Enough of that Hades!

Hades: What the--

**In a burst of flame even brighter than Hades fury, a small girl with long blond hair in a white dress with red trim appeared in the dungeon. Laine could also see this girl clearly, even though the rest of the world was still a blur. The expression on the girl's face was one of sweetness and playful innocence.**

Hades (Unimpressed): Who do you think you are Small Fry?

Girl (Cheerfully pointing at Queen Laine): I am here for her!

Hades (Walking over to the girl, and having to look down a considerable ways to glare at her eye-to-eye): Hello! I'm a god! I got business here, so go sell your cookies else--

**A moment more of looking into the little girl's eyes and the dark god of the underworld took a step back in actual fear.**

Hades (Stepping backward until he is actually behind Laine): Woah! I didn't know it was you! S-sorry about that! **Turning to Laine** Good luck kid. See ya!

**With a simple snap of his fingers, Hades disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only Queen Laine and the much younger looking girl alone in the blurry dungeon. After seeing what had just happened, Laine didn't know if this was a good thing or a very, very bad thing.**

QL (Starring in amazement at the young girl): And who are you supposed to be?

Girl (Smiling brightly): I have many names. I am known everywhere, but many do not see. You may call me ''Satin''.

**For some reason, Laine began to feel calm around the sweet little girl, but this also made her suspicious. Laine leaned over to talk to Satin like the child she was.**

QL: Okay...Satin. What do you want with me?

Satin: Your friend, Warteen. I can return his mind. I can also return you and your sister to life.

QL (Very skeptical): Okay, but what's the catch?

Satin (Smiling as cute as a button at Laine): Catch? What make you think there'd be a catch?

QL: Oh, come on! There's always a catch.

**During a brief look into Satin's eyes, Laine thought she saw fire. A fire burning with pure hatred and malice, but it danced about like a sultry seductress.**

Satin (Looking innocent and sweet): Well, there is something...


**A rectangular blue portal ejected The Great Chad onto the dusty street of an Old Western town. The massive form of the Alpha Werewolf was thrown out next and again landed on The Great Chad. The Dark Elf merely stepped through the portal, which closed behind him, and looked down at his fellow villains in disgust.**

TGC: Get off me!

**With less than little effort The Great Chad threw the large werewolf off of him and far down the dusty road. TGC got up and dusted himself off.**

TGC: Where the heck are we now? No, you know what? I don't care where we are. I, The Great Chad, will destroy this place in a matter of minutes in my search for the ring bearer anyway!

**When he finally took the time look around, he could have seen the many faces of the Old West town staring at the monstrous time-travelers in shock. Of course, The Great One only noticed the colorfully dressed prostitutes as they poured out of the local saloon.**

TGC (Slicking back his hair): Then again. They say patience is a virtue. Wait here while I...question some suspects.

Ha-Kee: Since when do you have the right to talk about virtues? We have a job to do, or have you forgot? Your newfound power relies on the death of this child of Erronius.

TGC: I know that! Don't ever tell me what I have to do! I can snap you like a dry twig!

**Ha-Kee's arrogant look turned into a cold stare.**

Ha-Kee: Regardless of what you may think, I am neither ignorant nor weak.

TGC: Prove it!

Ha-Kee: Do not tempt me!

**At this time, the town's foolish young sheriff decided to intervene.**

Sheriff: Uh, howdy strangers. I couldn't help but notice you all seem to be having some trouble. Well, we'd be mighty greatful if you all--

**The sheriff was silenced by The Great Chad's strength enhanced hand around his throat.**

TGC (With a sinister grin): Howdy. Thank you for volunteering. You're gonna help us settle this little matter.

Ha-Kee (With the same smile): Agreed.

**As Ha-Kee and TGC draw their swords and prepare to do mean things to the defenseless sheriff, they failed to notice the man in the green robes appear down the street and point at them. Even if they saw him, they wouldn't have been able to see the ring on his finger or the gaggle of lions engraved upon it. A mystical bolt of energy struck The Great Chad head-on, causing him to release the sheriff and go flying through the wall of the general store.**

Gerard: That'll be enough of that.

Ha-Kee: So here you are. Stupid.

**Ha-Kee simply teleported away as Gerard raced to the aid of the young sheriff.**

Gerard: Are you okay my friend?

Sheriff: Yeah, thanks buddy. Who are these desperadoes, and what in blue blazes do they want?

Gerard: I'm afraid they must be here for me. Lucky, get everyone to safety. I'll try to fight off these vile villains.

Sheriff Lucky (Drawing his six-shooters): No way partner. Anyone threatens my friends in my town, and it gets personal.

Gerard: Thank you, friend. Together I know we can defeat them.

**(Let it be said right now, the Children of Erronius have been lost in time and space. Who knows where they ended up, how long they've been there, or what they've done since they've arrived. This is where we can have real fun.)**

TGC: Isn't that sweet?

**From across the street, The Great Chad was helped from the rubble of the General Store by the Alpha Werewolf.**

TGC: Friends reunited at last, just in time to die in horrible ways!

Sheriff Lucky (With a mischievous smirk): Remind me again why I'm helping you?

Gerard (Returning the smirk): Because I helped save your town.

Sheriff Lucky: Right. CHARGE!

**The headstrong young sheriff raced forward into battle, not yet with guns a-blazin'.**

Alpha: GROAR!!!

**With a bloodthirsty roar, the Alpha Werewolf leaped into the air and landed behind Lucky, delivering a blow to his back and sending the young sheriff to the ground.**

TGC (Leaping towards Gerard with sword drawn): Prepare to die Ring Boy!

**Without a single word, Gerard released another mystic bolt, knocking The Great Chad out of the air and crashing into the abandoned saloon. Gerard quickly ducked to avoid Ha-Kee's sword as the Dark Elf teleported behind him. Gerard flew to the roof of the saloon and was joined by Ha-Kee and the two started a magical fire ball fight.**

Sheriff Lucky: Oof!

**Back on the ground Sheriff Lucky was completely outmatched by the massive werewolf, who again knocked the sheriff to the ground. However, this time, Lucky was able to get a good aim at the hairy beast and unloaded his revolvers on the offending lycanthrope.**


**The werewolf howled in pain as the bullets ripped into him, but his wounds healed instantly and he smiled a predatory smile.**

Alpha: Next time, use silver bullets.

**The werewolf again clubbed the young sheriff in the back, sending him into the side of a nearby building and into blissful unconsciousness.**

**Back on the roof of the saloon, Gerard was doing quite well against his opponent.**

Ha-Kee (Getting hit in the chest with a fireball): OOF!!!

Gerard (Preparing another fireball): Do you yield? You can't possibly win.

Ha-Kee: You are a fool. You will die.

Gerard: Evil will never win.

Ha-Kee: Wanna bet?

**Gerard simply prepared to finish the evil of the dark elf, confident in the fact that he was about to defeat evil yet again. That is, until The Great Chad burst forth from the roof behind him.**

TGC: Surprise!!!

**With blinding speed, TGC grabbed the top and bottom of Gerard's head and twisted in opposite directions. Gerard's neck broke with a sticky, wet snap.**

TGC (With a contented smile): I love that sound.

**After Gerard's limp body fell flat on the roof, TGC ripped the ring from his finger and watched as it turned to dust in his hand.**

TGC (Mildly surprised): Well that's odd.

Ha-Kee: It doesn't matter. The ring is destroyed and its bearer is dead. We've done our job.


**Alpha paused as he prepared to finish off the unconscious Sheriff Lucky.**

Alpha: Just a minute! I'm in the middle of something!

**The werewolf continued to stalk towards the prone young gun-slinger, but was halted by Ha-Kee's raised hand.**

Ha-Kee (Holding Alpha with a paralysis spell): No! We are done here! Let's go!

**A blue portal opened next to Ha-Kee and The Great Chad. They walked through, with Ha-Kee's spell dragging the Alpha Werewolf through, and it closed behind them.**

**Down on the street, Sheriff Lucky groaned as he began to regain consciousness, although with what awaits him, he's about to wish he hadn't.**

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