Chapter 47
by grlnxtr

~In the jungle.~

**The three covered their ears as another roar echoed throughout them jungle.**

Monkey (Frightened as all get out): EEEEK!!!
Bartender: Show yourself!
BtN: Uhh..if it's an animal, I don't think that'll help.
Bartender: Oh yeah.

Considering, he turned towards the noise, picking up a large stick from the ground in front of him. Stepping closer to the threat, he stood poised like a baseball player.

His eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of the objects crashing through the trees. Turning back, he grabbed Monkey from the ground and began running.

BtN: What? Why are you running? Wait for me!
Bartender: Flee! Flee!

~Back on the beach village.~

Palios fell to the sandy ground with a thud, frantically picking himself up as Diamina swooped towards the brave crowd gathered on the beach.

The Leader began to murmur quietly in the Timeweavers' language, effectively knocking Diamina off of her flying creature. Palios watched helplessly as the two began to fight one-on-one, while the rest of Diamina's creatures massacred the village that was gathered, finding them hopelessly outnumbered and outmatched.

Leader: You will leave this place. You and your kind are not welcome here.
Diamina: Oh, well then. I'll just be going now.
Leader: Back.

Diamina flew through the air, landing neatly on her feet after flipping around.

Leader: Here.

Diamina watched, surprised, as her staff flew from her decorated hand.

Diamina: Staff. (nothing.) Staff! (still nothing.) Give me my stick back!
Leader: Take what you can get before I completely obliterate you and leave this place.

Diamina attempted to walk towards the Leader, finding herself unable to move in that direction. With horror, she felt her magickal shields being lowered and her staff being aimed directly at her head.

With a dramatic sigh, she swept the now-dirty cape back around her shoulders and summoned the gryphon.

Diamina: This isn't over.
Leader: (quietly) No, it isn't.

~Somewhere dark.~

QL: I can't...breathe...why...

Frantic, she tried to place a hand on her chest, to force oxygen into her lungs, only to find empty space. Concentrating, she did her best to open and close her eyes and found that she appeared to have none.

QL: It figures, I don't have a body but I can still be cold.

Extending her remaining sense, she "felt" along the walls of where she seemed to be trapped, only to run into...someone else?

QL: Hello?

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