Chapter 44
by Mugsy

BtN: Chad, I'm giving you one last chance. Don't fight. Remember, we're in this together. They're the bad guys.
TGC: But you're the enemy.
BtN: I'm the enem-What?
TGC: I'm one of them now. Of course we're the bad guys. That makes you my enemy. Face it, you were always jealous of me. Warteen liked me, Queen Laine liked me, Queen Raine liked me. And you-
BtN: Queen Raine was-
BtN: Chad, that was never my intention. Besides, it never happened. Come back to our side, they'll understand. The Master is powerful, they'll understand you were under his spell.
TGC: Exactly. The Master offers me far more power than you guys ever could.
BtN: If that is how you feel...Then I must kill you. You are now just as much at fault for Erronius's death as they are.
TGC: Erronius would have only gotten in the way. He deserved what he got.

**BtN charges TGC, brandishing his two katanas.**


**TGC stands in place, mildy amused, but unafraid of the oncoming attack.**

TGC: I am one of them. The Master will imbue me with the power to defeat you swiftly.

**TGC ducks right as BtN swings a gleaming blade at him in an arcing swoop. TGC rolls to the left as BtN takes a downward swing at him.**

TGC: Fool, you can't beat me. Now I'm giving you a final chance. Join us or perish.
TGC: No, I didn't. You killed Erronius. You brought him here. That was your mistake. What did you think would happen? We were going to sit idly by while he ruined all our plans.
BtN: And just what are these plans?
TGC: Like I'm dumb enough to reveal all our plans to you.
BtN: You don't know do you?
TGC: Of course I-
BtN: No, you don't. He didn't tell you. He's not going to tell you. He's using you to kill me. And once he's done with you...
BtN: Oh, go to the portal. Try stepping through it. You know they've locked you in here.
TGC: To keep you from escaping.
BtN: Tell them you're in trouble, then. Tell them to send reinforcements.
TGC: Why would I need help finishing you?
BtN: Try it.
Ha-Kee: Just finish him already. You know he's lying. As long as you're with me and Alpha, you're fine.
TGC: You two were failures. You couldn't kill any of them.
BtN: Oh, I see. Getting rid of all the useless pawns in one fell swoop.
Alpha: Call me useless, will you.
TGC: Now, now. You two stay out of this. Leave. You are no longer needed.

**Alpha and Ha-Kee step into the portal...and bounce right back.**

Alpha: Whuh?
Ha-Kee: Lenore? Master? We are ready to return and serve your purpose further. Open the portal.


**Ha-Kee and Alpha are terrified now, realizing BtN's theory to be true. TGC is also afraid, although he is trying much harder to mask his fear. BtN still noticed it spreading across his face.**

BtN: See.
TGC: You're still alive. They aren't opening the portal until you are finished. Can't have you coming back and running amok, can we?
BtN: Then finish me and we'll see. The outcome will be the same.
Ha-Kee: Ch-Chad.

**TGC descends upon the underlings, dagger drawn, killing Ha-Kee and Alpha before they ever had a chance to realize what was going on.**

BtN: Oh, Chad, you're back. Now let's find a way out of this place.
TGC: Silence.
BtN: What?

**TGC walks slowly towards BtN. BtN notices a change come across Chad's face, but it isn't one of evil repented. It was evil personified.**

**TGC drops his dagger into the dirt and punches BtN in the stomach. BtN stumbles to the ground.**

BtN: Please...Chad...Don'

**BtN is silenced with a swift kick to the chin. BtN flips over onto his back. Staring at TGC, he see hatred in his face.**

BtN: Listen, I didn't lock you in here. They did. Why are you attacking me?

**TGC picks up BtN and hurls him into a tree. BtN riccochets off the tree, landing face down in the dirt.**

TGC: Come on, fight me.
BtN: I won't...fight.

**TGC kicks BtN in the side**

TGC: Come on, are you afraid?
BtN: You are blinded to your own ways. I will not strike a friend.
TGC: Geez, you are thick. Can't you figure it out? I've already spelled it out for you.
BtN: You aren't Chad.
TGC: Of course I am.
BtN: No, you are a mere pawn of the same Master who will leave you here to die. It doesn't matter much if you finish me off or not.
BtN: Then what about Ha-Kee? What about Alpha? Why weren't they allowed back?
BtN: Then kill me. He still won't let you leave this place. You're stuck here for...

**BtN's final words were halted by the snapping of his neck. His eyelids fluttered briefly, his body went limp, and his last breath was carried out of his body, breezing the shoes of his killer.**

**TGC's eyelids fluttered along with BtN's, his eyes rolled back. Startled, his eyes snap open. He surveys his surroundings with utter disbelief.**

TGC: Where am I? What's going on?

**TGC spots the dead Ha-Kee and Alpha, then notices his dagger lying in the dirt. He plucks if from the ground, staring at Ha-Kee and Alpha.**

TGC: Did I do that?

**The blood on his dagger removed any doubts of his partaking in the slaying of the Master's two lackeys. Then he noticed Bob's body, lying motionless near a tall, twisted tree.**

TGC: Bob? BOB? Bob, are you okay?

**TGC runs to him, feeling for a pulse, checking for breath, any signs of life.**

TGC: Did I do this, too? What's going on? WARTEEN? LAINE? BARTENDER? Where is everyone? Oh, I did do this. How could I have done this to him? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

**TGC's scream echoed throught the woods long after he plunged the knife into his heart.**

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