Chapter 27
by Mugsy

Familiar Voice: Don't turn around.

**They all turn back around, away from the voice.**

Erronius: THE MASTER!!!
Familiar Voice: Master? I'm flattered, but it's just me.
Erronius: THE MASTER!!!
Familiar Voice: I told you I'm not the master. I'm just-
Erronius: THE MASTER!!!
Familiar Voice: Will someone shut him up?
BtN: Don't talk about him that way? This is the great-
Erronius: MASTER!!!
BtN: Okay, Erronius, he's not the master. You aren't the master. No one here is the master.
Erronius: ZZZZZ.
Erronius: ZZZZZ.
BtN: Well, I guess this is better. So, who are you?
Familiar Voice: You don't need to know that just yet. You know I really don't like you guys scaring away my customers.
QL: I've been pretty quiet lately, so I figured I should say something.
Warteen: Had to make a bad situation worse?
QL: Shut up. Wait, we scared away your customers? You're the bartender aren't you?
Bartender: NO.
Warteen: THen why did your name just change in the script?
Bartender: How did you do that?
Warteen: I own the board.
Bartender: Oh. Well, now that you know my secret identity, I have to kill you.
BtN: I will not let you harm Master Erronius.
Bartender: That old man. He's been sleeping the whole time, so he doesn't know me, yet. He still thinks I'm the master. Whoever that is.
Warteen: You really don't know who he is?
Bartender: No. Who is he?
QL: If we knew that, we probably wouldn't have mistook you for him.
Bartender: Good point.
Warteen: Perhaps, you can help us. You're a bartender, you probably hear lots of stuff.
Bartender: I hear things, yeah.
Warteen: Have you heard anything about a master?
Bartender: Let me think, "whoever that is," no I don't think so.
QL: You don't have to be a smart alec about it. And, Warteen, duh.
BtN: You just got Duh-ed.

**Warteen and QL stare at him.**

Warteen: Right, anway. Have you heard anything about a Warteen? Or a Queen Laine? Or an Erronius?
Bartender: What was that last one?
Warteen: Erronius.
Bartender: That sounds familiar. Hmm, Erronius. Ah, the great sage. Yes, I knew he sounded familiar.
Warteen: So what did you hear about him?
Bartender: Just that he is a great sage.
Warteen: Ah, that doesn't help us.
Bartender: Why do you want to know all of this?
Warteen: Well, there is a "master" that has sent his minions to kill us, and we have no idea who he is.
Bartender: So, I take it you are Warteen. (points to QL) And you must be QL.
QL: It's Queen Laine.
Bartender: Queen Laine? I remember you.
QL: Huh?
Bartender: You were in here a few hours ago. Talking about some loser who was hitting on you. You don't remember?
QL: I've never been here before.
Warteen: Wait, what about QR?
Bartender: Who?
QL: Of course. And that loser must be...Chad. Poor kid. Well, that's what you get for liking the enemy.
Bartender: The Great Chad?
BtN: You seem to know an awful lot for a person who doesn't seem to know much.
Bartender: You seem to be awfully dumb for a...ah, forget it. Anyway, he just jogged my memory. I remember a Great Chad coming up in conversation. Something about splitting his party attack. And an elf.
QL: An elf?
Bartender: Yes. I remember them talking about a magical stone and The Great Chad.
QL: Uh-oh.
Warteen: What is it?
QL: What did they say about the magical stone?
Bartender: It was some kind of spell, they put it on his forehead-
QL: Oh, no. CHAD. We have to find him.
Bartender: Why, what's going on? WAIT. I'm still mad about you scaring off my customers.
Erronius: Let it go.
BtN: I thought you were asleep.
Erronius: Why don't you go with us? You might be a valuable source of information if nothing else.
BtN: I have already pledged my service to you, Master Erronius.
Erronius: Not you.
Bartender: Sure.
QL: Well, then, open these doors, we have to get to Chad quick.
Warteen: Why?

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