Chapter 24
by The Chad 1

**A little while ago...**

TGC: Uhh, Laine? I...I don't know about this. The-the others...
QR: Don't worry about them, Chad. We'll be done before they get back. If not...**Queen Raine winks and gives a sly smile to a visably nervous Great Chad**...Well, it'll be worth being late won't it?
TCG: It-it will?

**Queen Raine undoes a few straps and lowers the neck line of her dress ever so slightly.**

TGC: *Blink!* *Blink!* YES IT WILL!!!

**Queen Raine leads The Great Chad for a little while longer, both giggling and making seductive sounds and gestures, until they finaly reach the clearing. Or as The Great Chad thought of it, "The Promised Land".**

**As soon as they entered the clearing, Raine embraced The Great Chad and the two began a passionate kiss that lasted long after they fell to the ground and rolled in the grass.**

QR (After breaking the kiss and staring deeply into The Great Chad's eyes): Was it destiny that brought us together, or luck?
TGC (Still a little loopy from the kiss): Wha-"Luck"? ...Yes, luck.

**As Chad closed his eyes and leaned down to resume the kiss, he paused. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and he quickly assumed a fighting stance, reaching into his tunic.**

TGC: "Luck"?!? Why am I not a small, white water fowl? Unless you're not Laine...You're Queen Raine!!!

**The evil twin wasted no time validating The Great Chad's astute assumption. Instead, she stood up and began consentrating on a spell to immoblize The Great Chad. But she was too late, The Great Chad had already produced from his tunic a devistaing...perfect red rose in full bloom.**

**Queen Raine lost all of her consitration as The Great Chad fell to one knee, holding the beautiful flower up to her, as petals of cherry blossoms fell in the background. Damn, I'm romantic!**

TGC: Oh Queen Raine, fairest of the fair maidens. At last I have found you again. Finally, you have decided to abandon your evil ways and allow me, The Great Chad, to tame your wild heart.
QR: Boy, did you subscribe to the wrong news letter. What about Queen Laine?
TGC (Still kneeling): Although I can easily believe even her falling for my mighty masculine charms, you are the most beautiful creature ever to grace the immature fantasies of The Great Chad. Your beauty greatly surpasses that of your identical twin sister. I knew it was you guiding myself and my heart to this beautiful place. Even when I thought you were your sister, I knew it was you.

**Queen Raine covered her face in embarassment. Of course, her attention was drawn away from The Great Chad's spectacle when an arrogant laugh erupted from the woods.**

**The Great Chad turned towards the laugh. He actually drew a weapon this time as Ha-Kee and the Alpha Werewolf came into view.**

Ha-Kee (Still chuckling): It appears the lad is smitten with you, my dear.
QR: I blame myself.
TGC (Standing in front of Raine in a protective manor): Fowl beings from the forest! Know that you face The Great Chad in battle, and it is I, The Great Chad, that will "smit" you this day!

**Alpha looked confused as he tried to make out what The Great Chad had just said.**

Ha-Kee (Rolling his eyes): That's "smite", you idiot. Not "smit".
TGC (Running Ha-Kee's words through his mind): ...Smite? Smite! Smite you! I, The Great Chad, shall smite you this day! You are no match for my mad wind l33t weapons skills!
Alpha (Reluctantly drawing his sword): Did he just challange us? I think that was a challange. Was it a challenge?
Ha-Kee (Rolling his eyes yet again): Yes it was a challange! Get him!

**As Ha-Kee and Alpha ran forward to attack, The Great Chad smiled and raised his sword high.**

TGC: The Great Chad is prepared to defend the woman he loves! I shall fight to the death, if necissary, to protect the virtuous beauty of her majasty, the magnificent Queen Raine!

**The Great Chad stood tall and proud ready for anything the two charging warriors of darkness could throw at him. That is, until the "woman he loved" socked him in the back of the head with a very large stick.**


TGC: No Mommy, I don't want to go to the chocolate factory today...The other bon bons make fun of me...

**The Great Chad fell to the ground in an undignified heap.**

QR: Finally! I thought nothing would shut him up!
Ha-Kee: Indeed. What do we do with him now?
Alpha: Let my new pack use him as a chew toy!
QR (Throwing the stick on the uncontious form of The Great Chad): I don't care what you do with him. He's not the one we're looking for.

**Queen Raine made her way back into the forest.**

QR: I have other places to go and more lives to ruin. See ya!

**With that, Queen Raine disappeared into the forest to go do more evil.**

Ha-Kee (Reguarding The Great Chad): Hmm...What do we do with this fool? What to do? What to do?
Alpha (practically jumping up and down): Chew toy! Chew toy!
Ha-Kee (Smiling wickedly): No. I have a better idea.

**Ha-Kee pulled a small glowing object out of a sachel on his belt and placed it on The Great Chad's forehead.**

Ha-Kee: Now that he's taken care of...

**Ha-Kee began to head towards the woods.**

Ha-Kee: Come. We still have to take care of the others. The Master wouldn't be very pleased if we failed to capture The One this time.
Alpha (Following the Dark Elf): You're right. I still wish we could have used him as a chew toy.
Ha-Kee: Believe me, my furry friend. By the time that spell is done with him, he'll wish he was a chew toy.

**The Dark Elf and the Alpha Werewolf entered the deep foliage of the forest as their laughs echoed throughout the area.**

**The Great Chad smiled at the dream he was having, as the glowing object on his forehead turned red and began to sizzle.**

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