Chapter 18
by The Chad 1

**Far to the East, The Great Chad departed the deep, dark forest, blinking as he stepped into the bright sunlight, and made his way to the edge of a large cliff overlooking an extensive valley.**


**The Great Chad's form began to glow and shift as he neared the edge of the cliff. The form grew taller and slightly thinner. His hair grew longer and white, and his ears grew an edged point to them. He was covered in elegant black armor. He was fair in both appearence and demeanor. He was a Dark Elf.**

**Ha-Kee, the Dark Elf looked out over the Valley of Death. So named because nothing grew in the once fertile land. It was utter, desolate, dirt as far as the eye could see. And in the distance, just in sight of the horizon, was a dark strusture.**

Ha-Kee: It appears I have failed. **A sly smile suddenly appeared on the dark elf's face.** Wouldn't you say, Alpha?

**The large Werewolf looked surprised as he stepped from the shade of the forrest, but only momentarily. His surprise quickly gave way to pure anger.**

Alpha: Failed?!? FAILED?!? I'll say you failed!!! You killed my entire Pack!!! What were you thinking, Elf?
Ha-Kee (Unimpressed by the Werewolf's rage): I have a name you know.
Alpha: Yeah, "Traitor"!
Ha-Kee: Heh. Hardly. It is not my fault the Master deemed you unworthy of being more than bait.
Alpha: Bait?!? BAIT?!? I happen to be the Master's finest warrior!
Ha-Kee (Uproarious with laughter): HA! You? His "Finest warrior"? Don't be absurd. You could hardly handle a mere boy. While I, on the other hand, had to masquerade as that obnoxious fool for hours. Do you know how many weapons he keeps in that tunic of his? He'd have the kitchen sink in there if he didn't already have the bathroom one! Luckily, I'm already a master of all froms of combat.
Alpha (A perplexed look on his muzzled face): Are you sure there are no side effects to shape-shifting?
Ha-Kee: What are you babbling about, you ludicrous lycanthropoid?
Alpha: Nothing! Nothing. **Suddenly remembering how mad he is.** Hey! You failed miserably and you have the brass to ridicule me?!? I'll slice you to pieces!!!

**With that Alpha drew his massive blade and Ha-Kee responded by unsheathing his own thin blade, glowing with unearthly power. Before the two could go at it, the sky suddenly grew dark, although the black clouds seemed to come out of nowhere. A loud crash of thunder hardly drew the attention of the two evil creatures about to do battle, but the sudden booming voice made them freeze in terror.**


**The loud voice was one of pure power and evil. The voice dripped with both honey and battery acid. It sounded like the most sultry woman, yet at the same time, it sounded like the snarl of the most feral and dangerous creature of the underwold. It was a voice that tore into the deepest fears of man and beast alike, yet promised power and riches to those who pledge allegiance to it.**

**Both the Dark Elf and Alpha Werewolf threw down their arms, dropped to one knee, and bowed their heads in utter fear and respect. The power of the voice commanded both.**

Alpha: M-Master!
Ha-Kee: Forgive us!

**The Master only revealed itself as a swirling vortex of absoulte darkness. A miniture black hole that failed to pull anything into it save light and your own sanity should you stare into it too long.**

Master: SILENCE!!! Ha-Kee... **The dark elf visibly flinched when the Master called his name.**
Ha-Kee: Yes, my master.
Master: You have failed in your mission. Yet you return to my presence.
Ha-Kee (Noble voice begining to shake): Y-Yes, Master. The fool I was impersonating made an unexpected appearence in the guise of Erronius the Wizard.
Master: Erronius? Has the foolish old Wizard himself made an "unexpected appearence"?
Ha-Kee: Yes, Master.
Master: This...complicates things somewhat. **The Master paused for only a moment.** No Matter! That old fool still isn't powerful enough to stop me. Ha-Kee, you have done well by informing me of this development.
Ha-Kee (Visibly relaxing): Thank you, Master.
Alpha (Under his breath): Master's pet.

**Every hair on Alpha's body stood on end as the Master bellowed his name.**

Alpha (Obviously panicking): M-M-M-Master?!?
Master: Do you have something to say?
Alpha (Pointing to the still bowing respectively dark elf): Master, Ha-Kee killed my entire pack! Why was he allowed to do this?
Master: Because, you fool! It was necessary for his "rescue" to be believable in order for him to infiltrate their group and lead them to me!

**Ha-Kee gave an unnseen smirk at his fellow warrior's reprimand.**

Alpha (Trying desperately to defend himself): But Master, you commanded them all to be killed! I was only following orders!
Master: Very well. You shall be granted a more pwerful pack.
Alpha (Again bowing his head): Thank you, Master. We will not fail you again.
Master: See that you don't. I will be sending another to assist you in your mission. Do not return empty handed or you all shall suffer.
Both (Bowing their heads even deeper): Yes, Master.

**With that the swirling void of the Master faded out of existance. The two evil beings quickly grabbed thier discared weapons and quietly returned to the forest to resume their evil mission.**


**Back at the location of our heroes, they still were staring in shock at the branch Queen Raine had just vanished from.**

**The Great Chad was the first to break the silence.**

TGC: Hear that? She said I was "dashingly handsome"! One cannot blame her for swooning over The Great Chad.

**The others stared in shock and disgust at The Great Chad's arrogance. The Great Chad didn't notice.**

Warteen: Idiot.
QL (Snapping angrily): Do you have any idea how powerful my sister is?!?
TGC: She's kinda cute though.

**There was a loud thud as the entire group face faulted around The Great One.**

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