The Tokyo Dome went wild over the wild fireworks that lit up the EMW Stage. Instead of Plain Ol' EMW, It had, "The Big PPV," at the bottom. "When Worlds Collide," by Powerman 5000 blared out of the stereos at Volume 11 (HA! My 5-Disk Changer goes to 30!)

"Hello, Tokyo!" Hiroshi shouted.

"EARDRUM!" Daisuke shouted.

"Sorry," Hiroshi said.

"Like Hiroshi was saying," April said, "Hello, Tokyo Fans! And welcome to the Big PPV!"

"This was assigned by Eric Bischoff last week," King said, "We are live from Tokyo, Japan. And since that is so, We are going to have this Big PPV, Tonight."

"Yep," Daffy said, "Except there is no Ordering & You don't excatly have to watch it on PPV!"

"I'm JR," JR said.

"I'm Jerry 'The King' Lawler," King said.

"Hiroshi, All you fans," Hiroshi said.

"Daisuke, Nice to meet you," Daisuke said.

"The name's Daffy Duck," Daffy said.

"& I'm April O' Neil," April said.

"Tonight holds a LOT of Main Events," JR said.

"Including Tekken's King vs. Triple H," April said.

"Robin vs. Muhammad Hassan," Daisuke said.

"DON'T mention that name!" Hiroshi shouted, "You don't want Last Week happening again, Don't you?"

"That was pretty funny," Daffy said to himself.

"The Undertaker vs. Hak-Foo Rematch," Hiroshi said.

"& this contest," King said.

Then, "When Worlds Collide," was replaced with a familar Rap Intro. Then a certain voice said:

You think you're Untouchable?/

The Member of the Chain Gang & the Red-Jacketed Red-Head came out as Tenkaichi Budoukai Announcer began, "The Opening Contest is a Tag Team match! Introducing first, The Team of John Cena & Iori Yagami!"

"Cena & Iori have made a really good team since Jakken assigned them as Partners," JR said.

"They have won every match they have been in," April said.

"But will that end tonight?" Daffy asked.

Then the Rocky-Like Intro began as the Bald Medalist & the Ponytailed Blackbelt came out.

"Introducing the Challengers, The Biggest Dork in the Universe, Kurt Angle, & Dan Hibiki, The Unbeatable Team!"

"Now these 2 have NOT got along any," Hiroshi said.

"Since Kurt's lost to Dan," Daisuke said.

Kurt then shot his fingers into the air as the Pyros went off. Dan jumped back at the sound.

"MUST YOU DO THAT?!?" Dan asked.

The 2 walked to the ring & looked at their opponnets.


Cena motioned for Iori to step out of the ring while Dan motioned for Kurt to step out of the ring.

"Cena & Dan faced off with each other last week," Daisuke said, "With Kurt causing Dan the match when he was a moment away from winning."

"That must be a sign that Kurt doesn't want Dan winning any match," Hiroshi said.

"Must be," Daffy agreed.

The 2 grappled. Cena threw Dan across the ring like a child would throw a toy car. Dan shot right up & charged at Cena. Cena sidestepped out of the way for Dan to run himself into the turnbuckles. Dan shook his head & was met by Cena's Fist.

"You know, Ever since Dan's Debut, He hasn't been paying much attention to what he's doing," Daffy informed.

"True," Hiroshi said.

"But Dan has managed to win a couple of his matches," April said.

"You know," Daisuke said, "If the Dork Title can be exchanged anytime, Then why hasn't he tried that yet?"

"That's true," King said, "I don't really know why."

Cena irish whipped Dan. Dan was greeted by Cena's Elbow. Kurt threw his hand out.

"Come on," Kurt said, "Tag, Tag!"

Dan had no choice, He slapped the hand of Kurt, & rolled out for Kurt to clothsline Cena. He pulled Cena up, Threw his hands around Cena's Waist, & threw Cena over him (Belly to Belly Suplex.)

"Kurt taking control of this match," JR said.

"Kurt has been up to his promise to hurt any person who tried to get in his way," Daffy said, "Ever since he got that Dork Title, He's been hurting people like there was no tomorrow!"

Kurt sprang from the Ropes & drove his knee onto Cena's Face. Cena rolled out of the ring. Kurt jumped onto the Turnbuckles & dived at Cena. The 2 collided & they were down.

"Kurt taking a chance!" JR exclaimed.

"I'm not sure if they're still alive," King said.

Kurt & Cena got up. Kurt rolled Cena into the ring. Kurt was surprised at Cena taking him down with a clothsline.

"Cena back in the fight!" Hiroshi exclaimed.

"Both men down," King said.

The Referee (Earl Hebner) began the count.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..."

The 2 men began getting up. Kurt wasn't happy with his decision to tag in Dan, But he was weakened. Cena slapped Iori in (About time.) & Iori pulled Kurt away, But with a kick to Iori, Dan was tagged in, 2 Toughened Up fighters charged at each other, Ready to fight. Dan brought Iori down with a Clothsline, Followed by Cena, Then Iori again.

"Dan on Fire!" Daisuke exclaimed.

"Taking them down 1 by 1," Hiroshi added.

Dan was then kicked by Cena. Cena & Iori irish whipped him but was greeted by Dan's Double Flying Clothsline. Iori got up & pushed Dan over to Kurt. Kurt took this as a Threat & tagged himself in.

"What is Kurt doing?!?" Hiroshi asked.

"Tagging himself in!" Daisuke replied.

Kurt charged at Iori while Earl forced Cena back to his corner. Iori managed to slap Kurt off of him. As Kurt went tumbling toward Dan. Iori slapped Cena's Hand.

"You can do better than that," Dan said to Kurt.

"Can it, Pinky," Kurt said.

"Can I say 1 thing?" Dan said.

"What?!?" Kurt asked annoyed.

"Cena," Dan said.

Cena crashed into Kurt with force. Kurt fell on his back. Cena pumped his shoes, Sprang from the ropes, Shuffled his shoulders, Wipped his shoulder, & drove his fist onto Kurt's Face (5 Knuckle Shuffle.)

"Cena with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle to Kurt!" Daffy exclaimed.

Cena pulled Kurt up, putted him over his shoulders, & dropped him sideways (F-U.)

"& The F-U!" April exclaimed.

"Cena going for the cover!" JR exclaimed.

The Crowd shouted along with the hits of the mat.

"1, 2, 3!"

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Cena's Theme blared again as his & Iori's hand was raised in victory.

"Here's your winners," Tenkaichi Budoukai Announcer said, "John Cena & Iori Yagami!"

"Yet another victory for Cena & Yagami!" Hiroshi exclaimed.

"These 2 are such teammates," April said.

"But who will be able to stop them?!?" Daisuke asked.
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The Big PPV Part 2: Interlude: JBL's Time


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