/I'm Back!
& better than ever!/

"It's Eric Bischoff!" Daisuke exclaimed.

"What could he want?" Hiroshi asked.

Whatever it was, Eric looked really excited about it. He walked to the ring & smiled big. He put the Microphone to his mouth & spoke.

"I have an announcement to make!" Eric exclaimed.

"An Announcement?" Daffy asked.

"I wonder what it could be?" April asked.

"Whatever it is," JR said, "I hope it's exciting!"

"Next week," Eric began, "We are going to be in Tokyo, Japan, & since it's going to be our first time there, I wanted to announce that next week in Tokyo, We're going to have The Big PPV!"

"Big PPV?" King asked.

"EMW is going to have a big PPV in Tokyo, Japan!" Eric said, "& the good news is that you don't have to order it!"

"Hey, That is good!" Daffy exclaimed.

"I have arranged a couple of matches too," Eric said.

"Matches?" April asked.

"First, We're going to have a Tag Team match between the Team of John Cena & Iori Yagami vs. The Unbeatable Team, Dan Hibiki & Kurt Angle!"

"Hey," Hiroshi said.

"Then, Due to a recent match we had, It's going to be The Undertaker vs. Hak-Foo in a Street Fight!" Eric said.

"A Rematch, Huh?" Daisuke said.

"Then, In a 1-on-1 Match, It's going to be Muhammad Hassan vs. Robin!" Eric exclaimed.

"That should be intresting," King said.

"& finally," Eric said, "In a Fatal 4 Way No DQ Match, It's going to be Jackie Chan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito "Carribean" Cool vs. Luke Skywalker!"

"It's been awhile since we had one of those," JR said.

"& Much more as The Big PPV comes from Tokyo, Japan!" Eric said.

/Time to play the game./

"What could this be about?" JR asked.


"Triple H?" April asked.

Indeed, The Big Nosed WWE Heavyweight Champion came out, Wearing 1 of his T-Shirts, Bottle of Water that he poured into his hair & mouth then spitted out. He walked to the ring all big & bad.

"Now what could he want?!?" Daisuke asked.

Triple H climbed onto the Apron. He poured Water into his mouth, Threw the bottle & spitted the water out. He climbed into the ring & looked at Eric. He grabbed a microphone & spoke.

"That's all the matches?" HHH asked, "That's all you're going to give?"

"I'll give you a ass-beating if that's what you're talking about," Daisuke said.

"Well, H," Eric said, "I was thinking of some kind of match for you but thought about it."

"What was this match?" HHH asked.

"This guy came in & asked for a fight with you," Eric replied, "He looked determined."

"Come on," HHH said, "Let me take him."

"Triple H," Eric said, "You won't be able to take him, He's a professional wrestler himself."

"Listen," HHH said, "I am a Champion, I have beaten everybody you could ever give to me, & this will not be the time I will back down, Now, Eric, You was you going to give me?"

"Are you sure?" Eric asked.

"Yes," HHH replied.

"OK," Eric said, "Bring him out!"

Seether's, "Sold Me," began blaring out as HHH turned around to see his opponnet.

/Here I stand before myself
I see somethings out of place
You tasted all my purity
Now there's nothing left to waste
The feeling gets so in my way
It's getting lost in my delivery
The feeling gets so in my way
I'm getting lost in your periphery/

"That looks like," King said.

"A Tekken Fighter," JR said.

"That's King!" Daisuke exclaimed.

The Lion-Headed Fighter stood at the stage. HHH didn't look scared at all, He taunted him to come to the ring.

"Another match has been added to the Big PPV," April said.

"Triple H vs. King!" Daffy exclaimed.

"What could happen next week?!?" JR asked.

Coming Soon:

The Big PPV Part 1: The Tag Team Brawl