"Why does ZIM always have to make things hard?"

The sighs of The Short Green Irken named Skoodge echoed through his locker room.

"Why does ZIM have to make things hard?" He repeated,Chewing on a Butterfinger,"& why did he make me put on this wig & glasses,I look like Elvis!"

Soon,Another Green Irken came in,He was much taller than Skoodge,ZIM,"Hey,Skoodge,We have to get ready!"

Skoodge just sighed again.

"Come on," ZIM said,"Where's your spirit?"

"I'm not going!" Skoodge replied.

"What?" ZIM asked,"But you gotta compete tonight,I ain't going out there alone!"

"I can't fight!" Skoodge said,"I ain't ready to die yet!"

"Skoodge,By defeating these HUMANS tonight,We will earn our trusts as true irkens,Now don't fail me now Skoodge!"

"I just don't want to fight," Skoodge said,"& who are we fighting anyways?"

"Some people named Unlocked Hearts," ZIM replied,"Now,Come on!"

ZIM left,Skoodge threw his butterfinger down on the floor.

"I hate life," he said,He went for the door,Eventually bringing the Butterfinger with him.
"I don't need help!" called a Red-Haired Man in a Blue Karate suit,"I don't need training!"

"Give me a break," said his partner,Chow,"You will need training if you are going to take on The Undertaker."

The crowd went wild as Hak-Foo's opponnet was said.

"Undertaker no threat to Hak-Foo," Hak-Foo shouted,Giving the punching bag a kick,"Undertaker will die tonight!"

"Not unless you do first," said Chow,"You don't know what match you're in!"

"Course I do!" Hak-Foo said,"I am going against the Undertaker in a Casket Match!"

The crowd went wild as Hak-Foo said the name of Hak-Foo's Match.

"All I can say is good luck!" Chow said.

"I won't be needing it!" Hak-Foo said as he opened the door & slammed it to a close.
"Hak-Foo is really out of his mind," Daffy said.

"I know," Hiroshi said,"The Undertaker is a master at Casket Matches!"


"The following match is a Casket Match!" The Announcer said,"There will be No Count-Outs,No Submissions,& No Disqualifications! The only way to win,is to put your opponnet in The Casket & Close the lid!"

4 bearers rolled a table to the side of the ring,Sitting on it,Was a brown casket.

The Hard-Rock of Godsmack's,"Re-Align," began as Hak-Foo made his way to the ring.

/Decisions made from desperation
No way to go
Internal instincts craving isolation
For me to grow/

"Introduncing first,From San Francisco,California,Hak-Foo!"

"I don't think Hak-Foo is way too out of his mind," Daisuke said,"He's a Martial Artist & nobody is yet to beat him."

"Except Jackie Chan!" Hiroshi said.

"Right," Daisuke said,"Except Jackie Chan."

The entire arena darkened,The crowd went wild.


Hak-Foo looked at The EMW Stage.Ready to see his enemy in person.


The stage was lightened a Bluish color.Mist started covering the floor as A Funeral Tune began.

"From Death Valley,Weighing in at 395 lb,The Undertaker!"

"There he is!" King said,"The dead man!"

"This should be a great fight indeed," JR said,"If it isn't then what else?"

"I don't know," Hiroshi replied.

"I still think Hak-Foo's out of his mind!" Daisuke said.

The Undertaker slowly went up the steps,Holding his black jacket.Hak-Foo looked at him with fire in his eyes.The lights went back to normal as The Undertaker rolled his eyes all the way around,All Hak-Foo could see what White in The Undertaker's eyes.

Daffy nearly jumped out of his seat,"I didn't see that coming!"

"Of course," April suddenly said,"Don't you watch The Undertaker wrestle?"

"No,I just go to sleep in the main events," Daffy replied.

April shook her head.


Hak-Foo stared the Undertaker as he took off his black jacket & hat.Hak-Foo cracked his neck as the Undertaker went over to Hak-Foo.

"So you are the one they call The Undertaker," Hak-Foo said.

The Undertaker just stared at him.

"You scared?" Hak-Foo asked.

The Undertaker just stood there staring at Hak-Foo.

"Then let the battle BEGIN!" Hak-Foo shouted as he pushed the Undertaker down.

"What a powerful shove!" JR shouted as Hak-Foo began stomping on The Undertaker.

The Undertaker pushed Hak-Foo back.The Undertaker rose & threw a punch at Hak-Foo.Screaming,Hak-Foo shot up & began with the karate kicks to The Undertaker.But before Hak-Foo's foot could reach the Undertaker,The Undertaker stopped the attack by grabbing Hak-Foo's foot & kicking it,Flipping Hak-Foo as he went down.

"Hak-Foo just got turned inside-out!" Daffy said.

"I don't see any organs!" Hiroshi said.

"It's a figure of speech!" Daisuke said.

"Oh,I see!" Hiroshi exclaimed.

Hak-Foo got up & growled.

"I'm getting irritated by this!" He shouted.

Soon,Hak-Foo charged at The Undertaker.

"SWORD STABS DEAD MAN!" Hak-Foo shouted.

"Hak-Foo connected with the spear!" April said.

"RISE THE CASKET!" Hak-Foo said.

The officials rose the casket.Hak-Foo dragged The Undertaker to the casket & setted him in there,The Undertaker shot his hand at Hak-Foo's throat.

"CHOKESLAM TIME!" Hiroshi shouted.

Daisuke held his ear,"HEADSET!" He shouted.

"Sorry," Hiroshi shouted.

"Hak-Foo almost had this match in the bag!" JR said.

"If it wasn't for The Undertaker's arm!" Daffy said.

The Undertaker threw Hak-Foo's arm over his shoulder but Hak-Foo kicked him between the legs & bycycle kicked him.The Undertaker got up & ducked a clothsline by Hak-Foo.Hak-Foo sprang from the ropes & was welcomed by a black boot.

"Boot by The Undertaker," April said.

"Hak-Foo still going to win!" Daffy said.

Hak-Foo looked angry as he got up.

"Enough playing around!" Hak-Foo shouted,"It's time to put you in your place!"

The Undertaker dodged a punch & a kick but got hit with the boot to the head.

"Hak-Foo giving him a taste of his own medicane!" Daffy shouted.

"Come on,Undertaker!" Hiroshi shouted.

"Give me a break!" Daffy said.

"You wanna bring it Duck?" Hiroshi asked,"Cause we can take this to the ring after they're done!"

Daffy backed away that time.

"That's what I thought," Hiroshi said.

Hak-Foo brought The Undertaker up & chuckled.

"Who's the dead man now?" Hak-Foo asked.

Hak-Foo irish whipped him to the turnbuckles & stinger splashed him.Hak-Foo brung The Undertaker up to the top turnbuckle & Super-Plexed him.

"My god!" JR shouted.

"I agree!" April said.

"Me too!" Hiroshi shouted.

"That didn't fasinate me!" Daffy said.

"I swear..." Hiroshi said.

"We almost got killed for that," Daisuke said,Pulling Hiroshi back.

Hak-Foo laughed.He signaled to rise the casket.He dragged him to the casket & set him in the casket.

"Hak-Foo won!" Daffy said.

Hak-Foo almost had the door shut when The Undertaker's arm got out.

"Get in there!" Hak-Foo said as he picked the arm up & set it inside the casket.

Just as that was done,The Undertaker sat up.Hak-Foo staggered back.

"YES!" Hiroshi shouted.

"OUCH!" Daisuke shouted as he held his ears,"WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE HEADSETS?!? THEY'RE ON!"

"Sorry," Hiroshi said.

The Undertaker rolled back into the ring.Hak-Foo got up & stomped The Undertaker.The Undertaker got back up & blocked Hak-Foo's punch.The Undertaker irish whipped Hak-Foo to the turnbuckles.He jumped on the top turnbuckle & grabbed Hak-Foo's arm.

"Undertaker going Old School!" King said as The Undertaker walked on the ropes & dropped his elbow onto Hak-Foo's arm.

The Undertaker picked Hak-Foo up & turned him upside-down,& dropped him on his head(For you readers who don't watch wrestling,This is called The Tombstone Piledriver.) The Undertaker signaled to rise the casket.The Undertaker looked at Hak-Foo then looked at the Casket.He smiled.

"What's the Undertaker planning here?" JR asked.

"I don't know," April replied,"But it doesn't look good!"

The Undertaker pulled Hak-Foo up & grabbed his throat.

"Don't tell me..." Daisuke said.

The Undertaker threw Hak-Foo's arm over his shoulders.

"He's going to..." Hiroshi continued.

The Undertaker rose Hak-Foo & walked to the casket.

"Chokeslam Hak-Foo into the casket!" Daffy finished.

Undertaker dropped Hak-Foo into the casket.The table it was set on broke,& the Casket closed.

"OH MY GOD!" JR shouted.


Hiroshi held his ear,"& you say I'm a shouter," he said.

"I guess this make The Undertaker the winner," Daffy said.

The funeral tune began again as The Undertaker's hand was rose in victory.

"My goodness,What a match!" JR shouted.

"Well,Who knows what will happen next!" Daisuke exclaimed.
"That's right! Me! I'm a dork!"

The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle held his title in front of Dan Hikibi.

"I can't believe I lost to you!" Kurt said,"Now I'm stuck with you!"

"Don't worry,Angle!" Dan said,"Cause with you & me as partners,We're unstoppable!"

"Yeah,We'll see about that!" Kurt said & went out the door.

"We're unstoppable," Dan said,"After all,I am Dan Hikibi!"
Danny Patterson