The thin, brown-haired boy in the white and blue plugsuit wandered around the unusually busy hanger of NERV headquarters.


“This is getting a little crazy,” Shinji Ikari muttered under the din of the numerous crews going over the three extra massive robots taking up the hanger.


Shinji's designated purple Evangelion Unit-01 was also being worked on, while Asuka's red Eva-02 and Ayanami's blue and white Eva-00 remained neck-deep in their separate pools of murky yellow LCL fluid.


As Shinji continued to wander around the unusually busy NERV hangar, he eventually came across a crew working on the strange blue mech in the hanger.


“There!”  Exclaimed the husky...bulky...aww, let's face it, fat guy dressed in the clothes of jeans and a T-shirt covered by a plaid flannel red vest.  “The latest modification to Megas is finished!”


Of course, this crew was even stranger than the mech, and that's saying something!


“About time, Coop,” Said Commander Kiva Onderu, a stunning young woman from the future, as made apparent by her futuristic white jumpsuit with sky blue trim and bulky boots and gauntlets.  Her red hair was shaved in the back, short in the front, and long sideburns hanging down to her shoulders.  “Now if any of your 'modifications' ever actually worked, we'd be all set.”


“Hey, Kiva,” Jamie, Coop's black haired, black sweat jacket and snow cap clad lethargic yet sarcastic best friend, called from his lawn chair next to Megas' massive foot.  “Looks like someone here has your fashion sense.”


That's when Shinji noticed they were looking right at him.


“That's not fashion, Jamie,” Kiva corrected the annoying slacker.


“You're telling me,” Jamie said, settling in for another Kiva lecture.


“It's a plugsuit,” Kiva continued.  “He's another mech pilot.  I had to wear mine to pilot my Megas before Coop messed up the entire operating system.”


“Ahem,” Coop coughed.  “Uhhh, Kiva...Two things.  First of all, it's my Megas, and I didn't mess it up, I made it cooler!”


“Maybe for your time,” Kiva argued.  “In the future, we're too busy surviving attacks by the Glorft to worry about what's 'cool'!”


“I'll tell you what's not cool,” Coop chided motioning a thumb over to Shinji.  “The fact that I gotta face two kids and that pretty boy lawyer in this match.”


“What about the other two?”  Kiva asked.


“Those two,” Coop said with an adventurous gleam in his eye.  “I'm really looking forward to...Unlike the mama's boy over there.”


“Yeah,” Jamie laughed as he joined in.  “And what're those things on your head?  Barrettes?  You look like a little girl!”


“Ha ha!  Good one!”  Coop laughed as he high-fived his slacker friend. 


“There not barrettes,” Kiva said.  “They help him mentally command his mech.  Why do you think I have a hole in the back of my head?”


“”  Coop asked.


“Interactive pleasure sims?”  Jamie hoped.


“...”  Kiva replied.  “You two are idiots.”


“Whatever, Megas is gonna wipe the floor with all those other hunks of junk,” Coop said, turning back to Shinji.  “What do you say to that, huh?”


“I...uhh...I gotta go!”  Was all the timid teen got out before he turned and ran.


“What's with him?”  Coop asked, legitimately confused why Shinji took his ribbing so personally.


“I wonder,” Kiva said sarcastically, noting her companions' usual lack of tact or compassion of any kind.  “If you ask me, I think there's something very wrong with this entire place.”


“I'll say,” Coop said, rubbing his sizable stomach.  “They don't even have a snack bar.”


* * * * *


Back in the EMW arena, the fans cheered as an unseen orchestra struck up a triumphant number recognized far and wide as the theme to “Star Wars”. 


“Who's going to join us this time?”  King asked, hopeful that it would be Princess Leia, or anyone else, who could pull of wearing a brass bikini.


“All I know for sure is that it's someone familiar with high tech mechanics,” Daisuke said.


“Like Han Solo or Chewbacca?”  Daffy asked.


“I'm not sure,” April admitted.  “For all I know it could be Luke Skywalker as well.”


“Wait!”  Hiroshi yelled.  “Here he comes!  It's--It's--!”




This just keeps getting worse and worse, Shinji thought as he put more distance between himself and the insane crew of the Megas.


However, Shinji soon came across another young man about his age, watching intently as a group of technicians finished tuning a war-like white mech trimmed in red, blue, and yellow.


Shinji approached the brown-haired teen in the green tank top.  Shinji recalled the name Heero Yuy and hoped he was correct as he approached the brown-haired young man and offered a greeting of friendship.




“Go away.”


“W-what?”  Shinji blanched in response to Heero's abrupt rejection.  “I-I just thought--”


“I have no time for the weak,” Heero answered sternly without even looking away from his mobile suit.


“Yeah, but I just thought--.”


Heero cut him off with a menacing glare.  The cold, unfeeling glare of one who's seen too much and knows the meaning of pain and loss.  The glare of a man who keeps to himself and does not suffer fools lightly.  It was the very same glare Shinji has seen from his father on more than one occasion.


Shinji backed away from Heero's cold stare, unfortunately not knowing or particularly caring where he was going. 


Shinji was halted when he backed into something and spun around at the sound of falling papers and a disgruntled moan.


He turned to find a tall man in a jet-black suit picking up the papers that had spilled out of his briefcase while a pale red-haired girl in a black gothic lolita dress simply stood beside him.


“You could help, Dorothy,” The man muttered as he neatly placed the last sheets back into his attaché case.


“Why?”  The girl asked calmly.  “You seem to be doing just fine on your own, Roger Smith.”


“I-I'm sorry,” Shinji stuttered.


“That's alright, kid,” Roger said with a frustrated sigh.  “Say, do you know where I can find Gendo Ikari?”


“W-what do you want with my dad?” 


“Negotiator business,” Roger replied curtly before lightening up and extending his hand.  “Roger Smith.”


“Shinji Ikari,” The nervous teen said as he shook the negotiator's hand.


“So, do you know where your father is?”


“Y-yeah,” Shinji blurted.  “Yes.  He should be in his office.  Up there.”


Shinji pointed to a large window, high above the work floor.  Roger looked at the highly reflective surface as if he was staring directly at a highly undesirable confrontation.


“Thanks,” He said as he began to walk away, the red-haired girl turning to follow him.  “Dorothy, would you mind keeping Shinji company until I get back?”




“Tough.  Stay here.”


Dorothy watched as Roger left then turned her cold, emotionless stare on Shinji.


“Hi,” Shinji said politely.  “I'm Shinji Ikari.”


Dorothy simply continued to stare.


“Uhh...” Shinji began.  “Where are you fr--”


“Miss Dorothy!” An elderly bald gentleman with a gray moustache yelled from the foot of a massive black mech.  “Could you come here for a moment, please?”


“Coming, Norman,” Dorothy called as she completely ignored the boy in front if her and walked towards the hulking black mass.


Shinji just stared after her, pondering this strange and frightening feeling of déjà vu'.


“She seems so familiar...”


* * * * *


“You've got to be kidding me,” Daisuke slapped his forehead as a diminutive droid rolled down the entrance ramp followed by a humanoid robot stiffly shuffling behind.                                                 


“A gold-plated tin man and a garbage can on wheels are going to do commentary?”  King asked.


“It sure looks like it,” April said.


“Welcome aboard,” J.R. greeted the two droids as they approached the commentating table and sat down.


“Thank you, Sir,” The golden-hued droid said as he plugged his companion and himself into the microphone system.  “Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is C-3PO, human/cyborg relations, and this is my counterpart, R2-D2.”


The white and blue cylindrical droid beeped out an unintelligible greeting.


“WHAZZUP!!!”  Hiroshi replied.


Artoo beeped again.




“How uncivilized!”  C-3PO shouted in disgust.  “Artoo!  Stop that at once!”


“Hiroshi,” Daisuke sighed.  “I don't know which is weirder: That you'd actually use such a dated gag, or that an outer space robot seems to get the reference.”


“Why's that weird?”  Hiroshi asked, as did R2-D2 (At least, I think that's what that beeping means).






Shinji didn't understand.  Sadly, this was usually the case, which only served to depress the young man even further.


Why does his father always have to make him fight?  He doesn't like to fight.  He's not a violent person, just a shy, quiet kid.  True, he could understand the need to protect the world from the Angels, although he never really knew what keeps making them attack, but he'd much rather just listen to music and do his homework. 


So why does his father always make him the one to fight?  Why does he have to be the one to fight all these scary people for some dumb TV show?  Why not Asuka? 


She approached him just before he left for the hanger.  She told him that he doesn't deserve to be in this match.  She believed it should have been her to be the one on television. 


And unfortunately, Shinji had to agree with her.  It should be Asuka out here getting ready for battle.  She's the one who craves the spotlight.  She's the best fighter out of all of them.  She is a violent person.


Maybe he's always the one to fight because his father has the most faith in him.  As much as Shinji wants to, he can't help but find that idea a more than a little hard to believe.  He's always the one chosen because his father can intimidate and control him the most.  Asuka and Rei follow orders, but Shinji is the one that can truly be commanded.


The things he's seen, the things his father has made him do.  It wakes him up in the middle of the night. 

Other boys his age dream of girls (Especially Misato, or so he's told by his friends at school), but all Shinji can remember dreaming of these days is monsters.  Monsters and his father, although sometimes it gets difficult to tell the difference.


Shinji made his way to an uninhabited corner of the massive hanger, away from the intimidating giant robots he was soon expected to battle, and their even more intimidating pilots.


He hid from the room full of people by ducking behind a parked Peterbilt semi-truck.  Nearly exhausted from stress, Shinji leaned against the driver's side of the truck's red cab and slid himself to the floor until he was sitting with his knees cradled to his chest. 


Finally out of the limelight for a few precious moments, Shinji released a deep, depressed sigh.


“What's wrong?”  Shinji heard a voice from behind him that was both calm and friendly, but at the same time deep and commanding.


“Nothing,”  Shinji sighed, almost on the verge of tears.  “And everything.  I can pilot the Eva, I can fight, I can win against the angels, but why should I have to?”


“It is a true shame that one so young has to struggle with such emotions,” The voice stated.  “Regardless, I know what you mean.  Despite all of the questions raised by the never-ending battle between good and evil, the answer to why is simple;  Because we're the only ones who can.”


'We'?”  It took Shinji a moment to realize that it was the truck itself that was actually talking.


“WHA-WHAT?!?”  Shinji shouted and jumped away from the apparently possessed vehicle.  “WHO--WHAT ARE YOU?”


“I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots,”  The red cab spoke.  “I am supposed to be one of your opponents.”


“Uhh...hi,”  Shinji offered, wishing he could sound  as confident as the being he thought was merely an inanimate object just ten seconds ago (Boy, that's a depressing thought).  “I'm Shinji.  Shinji Ikari.  I'm supposed to fight a truck?”


“Not really,” Optimus chuckled.  “We Autobots can disguise ourselves as normal Earth vehicles to avoid causing a panic.”


“Oh,” Shinji replied.  “But what are you doing on this TV show?”


The Autobot leader remained silent for a long moment, until the sweet, but authoritarian voice of Misato Katsuragi came over the PA.


“Attention.  All non-authorized personnel must leave the hanger immediately.  Tokyo-3 goes live in five minutes.”


“I need your help,” Optimus solemnly pleaded with the young man in front of him.  “When the sixth combatant reveals himself, I want you to stay as far away from him as possible.  I need your help to keep the other three away as well.  The others may show some restraint in battle, but Megatron will not hesitate to destroy any of you.”


* * * * *


“At any rate,” J.R. said.  “Are you two ready to call this incredible match-up?”


“Of course, Sir,” Threepio said proudly.  “My knowledge and mechanical expertise are at your disposal.”


R2-D2 gave a laughing series of beeps and whistles.


“What do you mean 'For all the good that will do'?”  Threepio cried.  “I happen to be more qualified than you for this sort of thing, you outdated bucket of spare hardware!”


“These two fight even more than Hiroshi and Daisuke,” King observed.


“Yeah,” Daffy agreed.  “This just might be fun after all.”


“Well, it looks like the match is about to begin,” J.R. announced.  “We now take you live to the empty streets of Tokyo-3 for our big Mecha Brawl!”


* * * * *


The streets of Tokyo-3 where free and clear, as is almost always the case when the platform holding Eva-01 quickly rises from the ground.


However, unlike the norm, the gangly purple armored form with orange and lime green trim, stood among a forest of concrete and glass skyscrapers that have yet to lower to the underground safety of the NERV base until it stepped off of the platform.


“Why're the buildings lowering into the ground?”  Lawler asked as the impressive-sized structures began to move.


“Safety reasons, King,”  Daisuke answered.  “During Angel attacks, the entire city of Tokyo-3 is designed so it can lower into the hallow underground bunker of NERV headquarters.  The structures left above ground are used to house weapons and a power source for the Evangelion units, like Eva-01 there, in combat.”


“Better than letting them get destroyed every other week, I guess,” Daffy observed.


“Oh, I quite agree, sir,” C-3PO said.


“Wait a minute...'Angels'?”  April asked.


“Yes,” Daisuke offered in lieu of explanation.  “It's...complicated.”


As the buildings continued to lower, Shinji spied the first of his opponents a few streets away. 




The massive form of a bulky black mech loomed over the city streets, vaguely resembling an old-fashioned steam engine locomotive in the torso and possessing massive, black-shielded forearms.


“Big O,” Daisuke announced.  “The oddly named Megadeus from Paradigm City.”


R2-D2 gave a whistle and quick beep.


“R2-D2!”  C-3PO shouted.  “How vulgar!”


“I don't know what he said, but I know I like it!”  King laughed.  “Hey, April, have you ever seen the Bi--”


King was knocked unconscious before he even finished his sentence. 


“Yeah,” J.R. said evenly.  “He had it coming.”


The loud revving of an car engine echoed throughout the still lowering buildings of Tokyo-3 until a strange blue mech leaped onto the scene covered with flame decals and a classic red convertible in place of a head.


"It's Coop in the Megas XLR!"  Hiroshi shouted.  "The Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System eXtra Large Robot was built for battle and so was its pilot!"


R2-D2 beeped and whistled in an attempt to remind Hiroshi to breathe.


“I take it Megas has been heavily modified,” April dryly observed.


“Quite so, Miss O'Neil,” Threepio said.  “Mr. Coop has displayed an impressive ability to adapt and modify future technology to his rather... questionable liking.”


"And luckily, his video game savvy has made him the perfect battling robot pilot!"  Hiroshi added.


A sonic boom tore across the sky an instant before a fourth competitor suddenly dropped into their midst.


It was an impressive battle-ready mech with blue and white mechanical "wings".  Primarily white and red, with blue and yellow trim, carrying a massive shield in one hand and a giant twin barreled laser rifle in the other.


“This is the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero," C-3PO explained.  “Its pilot, Heero Yuy, despite his young age, is already used to the horror of fighting in wars. His experience and training, along with his habit of obediently following orders, has earned him the reputation of being the perfect soldier."


Artoo whistled and beeped in response.


"Good point, Artoo," Hiroshi said.  "This kid is another guy who's not going to be pulling any punches!”


"What we missed," Added Daisuke.  "Is the mobile suit's alternate flight mode, dubbed the 'Neo-Bird'."


"Persicely, Mr. Daisuke," Threepio said.  "Gundam Wing Zero is able to transform, as our next competitor is known for."


The red and blue cab of a 1980s style Cab-Over semi-trailer came into veiw, barreling down the street towards the gathered gaggle of giants.


Suddenly, the truck actually leaped into the air and began to transform with a unique electronic whirring sound.  The red, white, and blue humanoid form of Optimus Prime landed among the other four giant mechanized comatants holding a laser rifle and waiting for something to happen.


“Optimus Prime,” C-3PO said. “The noble leader of the heroic Autobots.  He is a wise and powerful warrior, but one has to wonder if his innate compassion will be a drawback when fighting for sport.”


“Then why is he even here?”  Daffy asked.


Suddenly, an explosion erupted from the back of Big O.  From far behind the staggered black mech, a clap of devious laughter echoed like thunder.


“That's why,” Daisuke said as the last building lowered into the ground, revealing a silver robot trimmed in black and red; a jagged, purple Decepticon insignia clear on his chest.  With a twisted smirk on his face and an evil gleam in his red optics, the robot lowered his smoking arm cannon.  “Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.  Big, bad, and quite probably the most dangerous combatant in this match.”















Big O staggerd forward as the yellow/green beam saber of Wing Zero flashed towards the chest cockpit of the black mech.  The sheiding of Big O's massive forearm blocked the attack and retaliated by striking the Gundam with its other gigantic arm, knocking Wing Zero back across the concrete battlefield.


“Shinji,” The beautiful but commanding voice of Misato came to the Eva pilot “Back up Optimus Prime.  Help him neutrilize Megatron.  He's the most immediate threat.”


“No,” Contradicted the deep voice of Shinji's fateher and Commander of the NERV Orgization.  “Attack the Big O.”


“B-but what abo--?”  Shinji tried to interject.


Now, Shinji,” Gendo Ikari commanded.  “Big O is an enemy sent by the one who controls the Angels.  Destroy it!”


“O-okay...,” Shinji responded, now remembering the promise he made to Optimus Prime.


As Big O passed by to continue his assult on Wing Zero, the arm of Eva-01 darted out and grabbed the face of the bulky black mecha.  With a roar, the purple Eva slammed Big O backwards into one of the remaining buildings, showering the streets with glass and motar.  For its trouble, Eva-01 suffered a crack across the jaw from Big O's massive fist.


* * * * *


“Megatron!”  Optimus Prime called.  “This is it!  This time, I will bring you down!"


“You will try," Megatron answered with a viscious smirk from across the vast, empty cityscape.  "And as usual, you will fail.  This time, however, it will cost you the lives of these pathetic flesh-bags!  To think, they actually believe they can imitate our power through mechanical suits."


"Over my deactivated body," Optimus replied, preparing for the onslaught.


"That's the idea."


Before either Transformer could even raise his weapon, Wing Zero cracked Optimus Prime across his masked jaw with its sheild.


"Oh!  And a sucker punch from the Gundam knocks down Optimus Prime!"  J.R. admonished.


Wing Zero stood silently over Optimus Prime, its face and ignited beam saber pointing across the way towards his intended opponent.


"You have a warrior's spark.  I respect that," Megatron said casually.  "I'll destroy it utterly and without mercy, but I respect it."




As Eva-01 slashed in vain at the sheilded forearms of Big O with its progressive knive, the personel at NERV was left to watch and wonder.


"Why is Shinji fighting with Big O?"  asked with obvious concern for her young charge. 


Gendo Ikari sat in his elevated command chair watching intently with his hands folded in front of his face.


"I know it's a competition, but he should be helping to take down Megatron first.  All the others have agreed not to use lethal force."


"Because he was ordered to, Major," Gendo said without moving an inch.


"But why did you give that order,



"That is not your concern, Major Katsuragi,"  Gendo said simply.  "Just follow orders and help Shinji to win."


"Yes, Sir," Misato answered coldly.  This wasn't the first order he gave that she didn't like but had to follow, and she knew it wouldn't be the last.


What Misato didn't know was the pilot of Big O was in Gendo's office before the match attempting to nogociate the peaceful release of the Angel, Adam, from NERV's Central Dogma.  Gendo promised to have an answer for him by the end of the match.


Gendo smiled under his steepled fingers as he watched his son personally deliver his message.


* * * * *


“Like Daisuke said," J.R. reminded.  "The buildings left on the surface contain weapons for the Evangelion units."


"That, plus the tactical support of NERV HQ, gives Shinji in Eva-01 a serious homefeild advantage,” April added.


"Both excellent points, Mr. Ross, Miss O'Neil," C-3PO said.  "However the Evangelion also suffers a rather serious handicap.  Unlike the other five competitors, Evangelion Unit-01 needs to remain plugged in to maintain power.  If the cable connected to its back gets severed or removed, Mr. Ikari will only have approximately five minutes of reserve power."


"Will Shinji be able to survive inside the Eva without power?" April asked as she now noticed the umbilical cable extending from the lanky purple mech.


"Thankfully, yes, Shinji can survive inside the LCL fluid inside Unit-01 for up to sixteen hours."


"That is if he doesn't get obliterated while in life-support mode!"  Hiroshi cheerfully pointed out.


"Then let's hope he stays plugged in," J.R. said.


* * * * *


Shinji soon gave up trying to hack through Big O's sheilding and ducked low to kick the legs out from beneath the bulky black mecha.


The top-heavy megaduce toppled backwardsm, finally lowering its guard to soften the fall.  Eva-01 took the opportunity to leap onto Big O and get a few devistating licks on its head and cockpit before back-flipping off as Big O's massive fist came swinging to knock him off.


Shinji landed next to one of the remaining tall buildings, the front of which slid down like a pannel to reveal a cache of giant rifles and replacement progressive knives. 


"Shinji," He heard his father's voice echo through the LCL fluid.  "Take the rifle and finish it."


Eva-01 took then laser rifle from its housing and prepared to fire.


* * * * *


Gundam Wing Zero attempted to sever Megatron from the rest of his body with the green blade of his beam saber, and would have succeeded if Megatron didn't have a beam saber of his own.


Purple clashed and sparked against green as the beam sabers met in heated combat.


“There's certainly a lot of sword fighting going on tonight,” Daisuke observed. 


“Yeah,” Daffy half-heartedly agreed.  “You'd think people would get bored with it eventually.”


“And Megatron meets the challenge of Gundam Wing Zero head on!”  Cheered Hiroshi.


“Apparently not.”


Heero Yuy's amounted experience amassed in his short life appeared to be just enough to match the millennia-old Megatron.


"Impressive," Megatron chided as the Gundam blocked a nasty downward slash, to which Heero in the cockpit of Wing Zero said nothing.


"I have fought many great warriors in my time," Megatron gloated as Wing Zero dodged another attack.  "But never did I imagine I would find a peer on this miserable mudball of a planet."


Still, Heero did not respond.


"By the way," Megatron sneered as he blocked an attack from the Gundam.  "I didn't mean a single word of that."


Megatron's foot lashed out, connecting with the mid-section of Wing Zero, sending Heero reeling back just out of range of both of their beam sabers.


In an instant both competitors reacted.  Megatron raised his arm cannon as Wing Zero aimed the massive buster cannon it carried.  Each one's laser cannon stared the other right in the face.


From Heero's point of view, the resulting explosion would've indeed destroyed the tyrannical Decepticon, but also would've also disabled Wing Zero.  This caused Heero Yuy to hesitate only a fraction of a second.


Megatron didn't.


After a loud explosion, the newly headless Gundam Wing Zero fell to the ground.


"OH MY GOD!"  Hiroshi screamed, April gasped, and the others had similar reactions.


"Luckily, the cockpit of Wing Zero is in the upper torso," Daisuke assured the veiwers as well as his fellow commentators.  "Heero Yuy should still be alive, if unconscious."


"Pathetic," Megatron snarled in complete contempt for his fallen foe.  "Compared to the might of the Decepticons, you and your entire miserable race of over-evolved primates are nothing but pests.  Pests that I intend to take great joy in exterminating."


Megatron took aim with his arm cannon once again and prepared to finish Wing Zero and its young pilot once and for all.


"Oh, no ya don't!"  Coop shouted as Megas checked the Decpticon.  "You're not gonna hit a guy while he's down while I'm around!"


Megatron, in a move belying him bulky appearance and kippuped off the ground, kicking Megas in the chest as he did so.


"Whoa," Daisuke said.  "I've never seen a giant robot do that before."


R2-D2 sounded an impressed whistle.


"Well Mr. Daisuke," C-3PO noted.  "Megatron is a talented veteran of countless wars.  Undoubtedly, he has learned several attacks that others of his size and stature could not possibly execute."


Megas successfully retaliated with the exact same kippup move.


"How do you explain that, Goldie?"  Daffy snickered.


"Oh dear, I'm afraid I can't."


R2-D2 responded with various tittering chirps and whistles.


"What are you laughing at?"  C-3PO scolded.  "You can't do it either."


"Why do you even bother?" Megatron snarled as he rose to his feet more slowly this time, prepared for another attack.  "You cannot possibly defeat me." 


Megatron nodded to the disabled Gundam at his feet, "Much better than you have tried."


“Oh, I'll do more than try, you tin-plated pantywaste!"  Coop taunted.  "I'm an American!  We did more than try when we invented iced tea by dumping all that revolting British crap into the cold water (I forget where)!  We did more than try when we shot down the Hindenburg! And we did more than try when we beat the French in World War I!"


"The French?"  C-3PO asked.


"Don't bother," Daisuke drolled.  "He's rolling."


"And I'll do more than try when I beat your ass!"


“This must be some kind of ridiculous joke,” Megatron grumbled.


Then he was cold-cocked by a haymaker from Megas. 


"And Coop takes it to Megatron with a vicious right hand!"  J.R. cheered.


"Well, J.R.," April said.  "That's what you can expect when you underestimate your opponent like Megatron did."


Megas continued to wildly hammer on the Decepticon until Megatron was finally fed up.


"ENOUGH OF THIS!"  Megatron bellowed as he shoved the Megas off of him and grabbed the odd mech by the car in place of its head and rammed the back of it into the building next to him.


A right cross from Megas released Megatron's hand and a left uppercut sent him realing backwards.


"IS THAT THE BEST YA GOT, PUNK?!?"  Coop taunted as Megas executed a little fancy footwork.


"Not hardly," Megatron snarled as he used the back of his hand to wipe away a small energon leak from the corner of his mouth.


"Good!  'Cause I'm just getting warmed up!"




"Shinji!  What are you waiting for?  Finish him!"  Gendo demanded.


Shinji sat emusered in the yellow LCL fluid of the Eva-01 cockpit, torn between his devotion to NERV and his father's orders and what he knows to be right.


Big O sat motionless with a laser rifle trained right at the cockpit in its chest.


Inside said cockpit, Roger Smith was simularly conflicted.  He really didn't want to fight or hurt the boy inside the lanky purple robot in front on him, after all that's not what he was hired to come here for, but he didn't want to let the boy kill him either.


"Sir!"  Misato contested.  "The agreement!  We promised not to let Shinji use lethal force!"


"I know, Major," Gendo said tensely, never removing his steepled fingers from in front of his face.  "But this goes far beyond a mere television broadcast.  The very fate of NERV itself and all we do here is at stake."


Gendo continued to watch another one of his son's crippling emotional stalemates.


"Prepare to override Shinji's control of Eva-01."


* * * * *


With a gigantic rev of its modified engine, Megas charged toward its target, fist drawn back and ready to strike.


Unfortunatley, Megatron was no longer in the mood to handle Coop with kid gloves.


The devious Decepticon caught the incoming fist in his palm and twisted the arm it was attatched to, pulling Megas right into very close range and aimed his free arm.


"Okay," Coop gulped as he stared down the barrel of Megatron's primary weapon. "This is bad!"


"Farewell, Fool," Megatron snarled with a bitter laugh.


Suddenly, multiple rapid-fire laser blasts riddled Megatron from behind.


"WHO DARES?!?"  Megatron bellowed and turned in time to see Eva-01 finish its flip and plant a kick in the Decepticon's face.




"We can't!"  Reported one of the NERV technitians watching the match.


"What?"  Commander Ikari asked tersely.


"There is an unprecidented rate of synchronization between Shinji and Eva Unit-01!"  Another tactican technitian replied.  "We can't override his control!"


Major Misato Katsuragi breathed a heavy sigh of relief. 


"Good luck, Shinji," She whispered with a small smile of pride.


* * * * *


As Megatron released Megas and fell to the ground Eva-01 fell with him, landing on his chest and furiously pounding away at the Transformer's head with a savage roar.


"Get off of me!"  Megatron commanded as he knocked Shinji off of him with a clubbing blow from his gun arm.


"I shall destroy all of you pathetic mammals in your worthless piles of scrap!"  Megatron vowed as he rose from the ground.


No sooner did Megatron stand up than he was hammered by a powerful hit from Big O.


Megatron staggered back and might have fallen again if not for the fact he was caught around the waist by Megas who then bent over backwards flinging Megatron to the ground.


"Oh my god!"  J.R. shouted.  "Megatron has just been devistated by the world's largest German Suplex!"


"It appears as if the competoitors have finally put aside their differences to focus on their common enemy," C-3PO explained.


"Threepio," Daffy snarked.  "You are a master of the obvious."


"Oh," The gold-plated droid expressed.  "Why thank you!"


R2-D2 chirped and whistled.


"Ha!  You got that right!"  Hiroshi laughed.


"Mr. Hiroshi," Threepio scolded.  "Please do not encourage him."


Megatron stumbled to his feet.  As before, when he rose, he was met with a high kick from Eva-01, followed by a hard right hand from Big O, and topped by a drop kick from Megas.


Megatron again went down hard, only this time he landed at a pair of all too familiar metallic blue feet.


"Looks like you've bitten off more than you can process, Megatron," Optimus Prime I'd as he peered down on his arch-foe.


"YOU!!!"  Megatron shouted as he leaped to his feet.  The other three competitors quickly surrounded the Decepticon leader.  "I had hoped to be finished with these fools before I took care of you, but it seems I have to resort to more drastic measures."


"Be careful," Opitmus warned of the trapped Megatron.  "He is capable of anything."


"YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF!!!"  Megatron bellowed as unbridled enrergy began to dance around his hands and fingertips.  "I was built to be an engine of destruction!  The cannon on my arm is uses the power of a blackhole!  I can excite the very electrons in the air!  Meaning I can do...THIS!!!"


The resulting neutron explosion knocked out the video feed from Tokyo-3.


* * * * *