In the sanitary confines of the arena infirmary, an unusual crowd of gargoyles and humans stood gathered around the bed containing the still unconscious Angela.  The multi-colored menagerie stood out in great contrast to the pristine white of the rest of the room.


“How is she Dr. Tofu?”  An olive-skinned beauty asked the young medic.  Her long raven tresses framed her beautiful face, but her rather plain mode of dress seemed to both contrast and accentuate her beauty all at the same time.  Blue jeans and a red leather jacket over a plain black T-shirt.  Such is the style of New York Police Detective Elisa Maza.


“Well,” A young man with a dark brown ponytail said, examining the unconscious gargoyle beauty through his thick glasses.  “She has several broken ribs, bruises, cuts, a concussion--”


“Never mind that,” Elisa said, having heard it all before.  “We she be all right until sunrise?”


The young doctor in dark blue training gi finished his examination and sighed in relief.


“Yes, Detective Maza,” Dr. Ono Tofu replied soothingly.  “She’ll be out for the rest of the night, but she’ll be one-hundred percent by sunset tomorrow.”


“How’s that work?”  Hogan pondered, not knowing much about gargoyle lore, and even less about their physiology.


“It’s a long story,” Brooklyn attempted to explain.


“Gargoyles turn to stone in the day,” Dr. Tofu succeeded.  “It serves as their natural rest cycle and heals any injuries suffered the previous night.”


“Which is apparently not that long,” Brooklyn conceded.


Monsters!” Broadway suddenly snarled, clenching his claws, eyes burning with righteous white fire at seeing his love in such a prone state.  “Why do people still hate us?  Why do they keep doing these things?!?”


“Because they’re after something,” The brick colored gargoyle second-in-command concluded.  “I don’t care what those creeps said.  They targeted Angela for a reason.”


“I agree with Brooklyn,” Ono said, shaking his head in disgust.  “I hate to say this, but I’ve seen it all too often.  They’re obviously trying to send a message.”


“To who?” Broadway demanded.  “And why did it have to be her?”


“Don’t worry, Brother,” The Hulkster promised.  “We’ll find that out and get the Shin nWo for what they’ve done!”


“Thanks, Hogan,” Brooklyn said, then began to contemplate something.  “But what about those mutants with them, Bebop and Rocksteady?  Where’d they come from?  Do you think they’re more of Sevarius’ work?”


“I don’t know,” Elisa admitted.  “We’ll have to find that out later.  All we can do right now is watch over Angela.”


“I assure you, Detective,” Dr. Tofu said.  “All she really needs now is rest.  By the way, does her father know what happened?”


The ground nearly shook beneath their feet as a deafening roar echoed throughout the arena.




“Yeah,” Brooklyn sighed.  “I’d say he knows.”


* * * * *


“Welcome back to East Meets West!”  Good Ol’ J.R. announced.  “For those of you just joining us, you’ve missed a lot of awesome action!”


“But you can just always flip through the back chapters and read about it,” Miss O’Neil suggested.


“What was that April?”  Jim Ross asked.




“Forget about the past you two,” Jerry “The King” Lawler.  “It’s time for the Bra and Panties Match!!!  I can’t wait!!!”


“Say Dai,” Hiroshi pondered while perking up his pale ears.  “Did you hear that weird sound a moment ago?”


“You mean the loud bellow of rage that resonated throughout the entire building?”  Daisuke asked.


“Yeah,” Hiroshi clarified.




“Oh,” Hiroshi sighed in confusion and began to clean his ears.


“You really didn’t hear that?”  Daffy leaned over to discreetly ask the bland commentator.


“Of course I did,” Daisuke responded, ignoring Hiroshi’s panicked checking of his ears.  “I just like messing with his head.”


“Ohhh,” The devious duck smirked and nodded in comprehension.  “Nice.”


“Puppiespuppiespuppiespuppiespuppies...!”  Jerry “The [Pervert] King” Lawler just chanted in anticipation.


“For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea of a Bra and Panties Match--” J.R. began.


“I feel sorry for you!”  King laughed.


“The idea,” J.R. ignored his partner’s interruption.  “Is for two women to enter in normal ring attire, and, during combat, the first woman to strip her opponent down to her unmentionables is the winner!  Besides that, all other rules are out the window!”


Suddenly, a fast-paced dance beat vibed from the stadium speakers.


o/` Go, Go, Go!

All Girls Stand Up and Fight!

Go, Go, Go!

Girls Who Fight For Their Right!

Go, Go, Go!

Women Power Tonight!

Go, Go, Go!

I Got Great Power Inside! o/`


“This next match is EMW’s very first Bra and Panties Match!”  The blond haired announcer of the Tenkaichi Budoukai hyped into his mike.  “Making her way to the ring, at a weight of 133 pounds, from the United States Special Forces, Lt. Sonya Blade!!!”


Sonya Blade’s personalized theme, performed by the Lords of Acid, played as the woman with shoulder length blond hair appeared on the stage and started towards the ring.


“And here’s the first lovely lay-day!  Sonya!”


“Hiroshi,” Daisuke groaned, tugging on the tuxedo of the man standing on the announce table.  “Sit down.”


Her navy green bomber jacket with rolled up sleeves was covered in patches awarded to her in the line of duty.  The jacket was worn over a white tank top that appeared to be a full size too small, much to the delight of the King and many other male (and some female) audience members.


“This is gonna be GREAT!”  King squealed.  “She’s got real nice puppies!”


“Where?”  Hiroshi asked.  “I don’t see any dogs.”


“She sure ain’t no dog, Brother!”  Daffy added.


The other three commentators turned their heads and pretended not to know these idiots.


Skintight dark green spandex pants, black boots with matching fingerless biker gloves and choker completed her hopefully soon-to-be-removed outfit.  The assets of which were made very apparent as she walked up the steel steps to the ring.


I can’t believe I agreed to this, Sonya thought to herself as she climbed into the ring.  I’m just going to strip this bitch, then I’m out of here and back on Kano’s trail.


Despite the circumstances of the match, Sonya stood stoically in the ring and waited for her opponent.


An electric guitar played a traditional Oriental tune and was replaced by the sweet music of a Chinese violin playing over a fast techno-dance beat.


“And here’s our second lovely lay--”


“HIROSHI!  GET DOWN!”  All of the commentators yelled as they yanked Hiroshi off the top of the table.


A young Chinese woman in the sleeveless, dark blue spandex bodysuit, a two small yellow stripes running up the sides, walked out from the back and posed for the cheering crowd.  After giving a few high practice kicks, she then began to walk down the ramp to the ring.


“And her opponent,” The Announcer continued.  “Weighing in at ‘I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you’, hailing from Hong Kong, Interpol agent Chun-Li!!!”


Chun-Li also wore a sky blue, gold trimmed Psuedo-Oriental vest over the top of the form fitting bodysuit.  Her long, brown hair was tied short into two tight braided buns with yellow silk ribbon that trailed behind her as she walked to the ring.   The silver studded black wristbands and yellow and blue sneakers were minor details of the outfit, overshadowed by more distinguishing features.


“Like those fine ass legs!”  Daffy cheered.  “Woo-hoo!”


(You damn skippy, Duck!)


“Both of you better watch it,” April warned.




“Yeah, yeah,” Daffy idly dismissed his partner’s threat.


I can’t believe I agreed to this, Chun-Li thought to herself.  But I had to get in here somehow.  Bison and his Shadowloo cronies are here somewhere and I have a job to do.  I have to win this match quick and find them before something big goes down.


“Ooo!”  King squealed.  “I love this girl already!  She kicks high!”


“I love spandex,” Daffy drooled as Chun-Li climbed the steal steps and stepped through the ropes into the ring.


April just groaned.


“I hope you wore some nice underwear,” Sonya confidently laughed.  “Because the whole world is about to see it!”


“Why?  Are you wearing the same thing?”  Came Chun-Li’s retort.


“Although I find this whole thing degrading and unnecessary,” April complained.  “It’s my job to remain here and commentate this match.”


“That’s very professional of you,” Jim Ross said.


“Thank you J.R.”


“SHOW ME THE PUPPIES!!!”  King shouted.








At the sound of the bell, the two formidable female fighters flew into furious action.


Sonya’s punch was dodged before she ducked under a roundhouse kick from Chun-Li, to which Sonya replied with a strait kick of her own which was simply blocked.


“Tonight, Sonya Blade is fighting with her usual Tae Kwon Do style of martial arts,” Daisuke informed.


“While Chun-Li remains true to her mastery over the art of Chinese Kenpo,” April replied.


“Who cares?!?” King asked.


“Yeah!”  Daffy agreed, the yelled into the ring.  “Get to the slapping!”


A punch from Sonya finally got through Chun-Li’s defenses, striking the Chinese fighter in the face. 


Chun-Li staggered back for only a moment, she’d suffered a lot worse in the past and was now determined to dish out much better. 


With a battle cry, Chun-Li lashed out with a series of six lightning quick kicks, all connecting with Sonya Blade’s head and chest.


During Sonya’s dazed moment after the attack, Chun-Li raced forward and grabbed the collar of the green bomber jacket and yanked it down Sonya’s arms.  Then, with a twist, Chun-Li pulled Sonya to the mat, at the same time removing and tossing the coat out of the ring in one fluid motion, now revealing all of Sonya’s oh-so-tight tank top.


“That’s more like it!”  Daffy shouted.


“Chun-Li has removed her opponent’s jacket!”  J.R. stated.  “Chun-Li takes the lead following some seriously fast kicks!”


“Yes indeedy!”  Hiroshi cheered.  “Chun-Li is well known for her kicking ability!”


“No wonder,” King drooled.  “Look at those legs!  Oooo!  I hope we see some puppies next!”


“Why do you keep calling them that?”  Daisuke asked.


“It keeps the censors off our ass,” J.R. answered.


“Oh,” Daisuke agreed.  “Gotcha.”


“Is that the best you can do?”  Sonya snarled as she got up from the mat.


“It’s better than you’ve done so far,” The still fully clothed Chun-Li smiled and stood in a ready stance, confident in the fact that she’d be ready for Sonya’s next attack.


She was wrong.


Sonya threw her right hand forward and shot out a row of green rings of energy directly at her opponent.


The Sonic Rings hit Chun-Li right in the chest, tearing through her silken vest, and not stopping until it shredded the spandex underneath as well. 


“Sonya’s Sonic Rings ripped open Chun-Li’s top!!!”  Hiroshi yelled as every man in the audience simultaneously leaned forward for a better look and cheered.


“We can see her bra!!!”  King cheered.  “I see skin!  I can see some skin!  Puppies!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!”


“Funny,” Daisuke observed.  “Ki attacks, don’t normally just tear clothes.”


“Are you complaining?”  Daffy asked.


Daisuke looked into the ring and took notice of the color of the newly revealed satin garment; a lovely pastel yellow.


“...Nope,” Daisuke replied as a small amount of blood trickled out of his nose.


“Good man.  Here’s a Kleenex.”


With impressive speed, Sonya moved in and quickly ripped off the remains of her foe’s tattered vest.  Then Sonya grabbed the wide hole in Chun-Li’s bodysuit and pulled until the spandex rags fell to the woman’s sides, fully baring the young Chinese woman’s brassiered breasts.


“I love this job,” King said, wiping a tear from his eye.


“If I had to hazard a guess,” April said with no small amount of sarcasm.  “I’d say Sonya just took the lead in this chauvinistic display.”


“Yup,” J.R. answered.  “Trust me April, you’ll like some of the other matches a lot better.  We have a ladder match coming up, as well as four huge main events and your friends in a Survivor Series Elimination match!”


“You’re right J.R.,” April said as her spirits began to rise.  “I think--”


April was interrupted by the loudly cheering and whistling duck sitting next to her waving a dollar bill.


“I think I’ll just try to ignore the rest of this match,” April grumbled as her spirits crashed and burned.  “Otherwise, someone could get hurt.”


“Good plan,” J.R. agreed.


Without even bothering to cover herself up, Chun-Li thrust her hands forward and released her own ki blast.


“Kikoken!”  Chun-Li yelled as a massive ball of blue fire shot out at her opponent.  The ki attack blasted Sonya directly in the chest and knocked her into the ropes.  


Chun-Li bolted forward and grabbed the bottom of Sonya Blade’s tank top, and gained her revenge by yanking it over Sonya’s head and off her arms.


Now stripped of her top as well, Sonya stood up to fully reveal the white lace support undergarment covering her ample chest.  Sonya immediately snapped into a ready stance, eager to continue the fight.


“Is anybody else thinking of Jell-O Jigglers?”  King asked.  “Mmm-Mm!”


The two shirtless women in the ring then went back to their fight with an outrageous vengeance. 


Chun-Li’s three punch combo was simply blocked. 


Sonya went for a right hook, which was ducked under, then leapt over Chun-Li’s attempted leg sweep.


Chun-Li went for a high kick, but when Sonya caught her foot, she flipped backwards and used her other foot to catch Sonya on the chin.


“And Chun-Li gains the upper hand after that impressive exchange of martial arts prowess!”  J.R. said.


“Now go for the pants!”  King hooted.


Before either could carry out The King’s wishes, Sonya kissed the palm of her hand and blew the kiss at her opponent.  Instead of a lovely term of affection, however, a lethal ball of fire hurled toward Sonya’s target.


Luckily said target, namely Chun-Li, was able to dive out of way just in the nick of time.  Unfortunately, the corner ring post behind her wasn’t so luck as it was quickly incinerated by Sonya’s Fatality attack.


“Chun-Li barely misses receiving the Kiss of Death from Sonya!!!”  Hiroshi shouted.


“This match is really heating up!”  Daffy punned.


“You just had to say it, didn’t you?”  Daisuke asked.


“You bettcha,” Daffy proudly proclaimed.


“Oh well,” Daisuke conceded.  “Let’s just make sure someone gets out here to replace that ring post.”


Chun-Li couldn’t allow Sonya to repeat her deadly attack, so she leaped forward on her hand and balanced herself upside-down.  A bold move, considering she no longer wore a shirt.


“Spinning Bird Kick!”  Chun-Li yelled as she spun across the ring as a tornado kicking fury.   She managed at least three hits on Sonya, knocking her foe into a ring post on the opposite side of the one charred just moments earlier.


“And Chun-Li has Sonya trapped in a corner!”  J.R. shouted.  “This could be the chance she needs to finish stripping Sonya and win the match!”


“Oh, I hope so J.R.!”  King bounced with joy.


Instead, Chun-Li pressed her attack by delivering a powerful series of lightning fast kicks too numerous to count.


“And Chun-Li uses her most famous kicking maneuver, the Hyakuretsuskyaku, to pummel Sonya in the corner!!!”  Hiroshi shouted.


“Are you sure you pronounced that correctly?” Daisuke asked before a strange sound echoed from the stage speakers.


“Does anybody else hear that melodic tone?”  Hiroshi asked, unsure of his auditory (And mental) faculties.


“Yeah, actually,” Daffy pondered.  “What the heck is that?”


The music then started to play full blast with a drum roll and vocals.


o/` All the Things You Said,

All the Things You Said,

Running Through My Head,

Running Through My Head,

Running Through My Head.

All the Things You Said,

All the Things You Said,

Running Through My Head,

Running Through My Head,

All the Things You Said.

This is Not Enough.

This is Not Enough!!! o/`


“It’s ‘All the Things She Said’ by t.A.T.u.,” Daisuke noted.


“But why is it playing?”  Daffy asked.


“BANZAI!!!”  A young woman, with a voluptuous Amazonian build and long blond pigtails, cried as she ran down the entrance to the ramp.


Rainbow Mika?!?”  Hiroshi shouted when he noticed the wrestling warrior in a bold pink wrestling costume, as oppose to her normal blue.


“Rainbow who?”  Daffy asked.


“Mika,” Daisuke answered.  “She’s a new fighter on the Street Fighter circuit.  She fights with a professional wrestling style, which would obviously give her a decent advantage in the ring.”


Rainbow Mika’s odd costume consisted of a pink wrestling unitard stretching from the white frilly laced cuffs at her wrists and neck to just above the kneepads connected to her laced white wrestling boots.  The costume had white-lined holes at the outer part of her upper thighs, waist, elbows, and shoulders, with more white frills at her waist going down both sides. 


“Kinky costume though,” King added.  “I like it!  I really like hearts!”


By far, the kinkiest part of Mika’s costume is the visible white spandex bra, which bared a moderate amount of cleavage, with a pink heart on each breast.  The pink wrestling mask across her upper face completed the kinky ensemble.


“I’ll bet you do,” April snorted.


“Think she’s her to join in the fun?”  Daffy asked hopefully. 


“Ooo!”  King squealed with delight.  “I hope so!”


Instead of granting the wish of every man watching, Rainbow Mika slid into the ring, spread her arms, and immediately plowed down the topless competitors.


“And a double clothesline takes down both Sonya and Chun-Li!”  J.R. yelled in surprise.


“Oh no!”  King yelled in dismay.


As the two official fighters in this match got up, Mika alternated slapping across their bare upper chests several with painful hand chops.  First to Sonya, then Chun-Li and back again.


“And devastating Knife-Edge Chops to both Chun-Li and Sonya Blade,” J.R. winched as heard the sickening meaty slaps of each attack.


“Oh!!!”  King whined.  “Don’t hurt the puppies!!!”


As Chun-Li turned away, clutching her sore chest, Mika crouched down then leaped backwards, attacking Sonya Blade by plowing into her with muscular buttocks.


“The Flying Peach!”  Hiroshi shouted.  “The Flying Peach takes down Sonya!”


“I like that move,” Daffy chuckled.


Rainbow Mika quickly got up and raced forward, wrapping her arms around the back of Chun-Li’s neck in a headlock and leaped forward, taking Chun-Li down to the mat at breakneck speed.


“Rainbow Mika’s modified bulldog,” Daisuke noted.  “The Daydream Headlock, takes down Chun-Li.”


“Looks like she’s out cold!”  J.R. said as Rainbow Mika left Chun-Li’s motionless form on the mat.


As Sonya groggily raised to her feet, Rainbow immediately took notice and ran forward, placing her hands on the mat to do a front flip in front of Sonya and wrap her legs around her target’s neck. 


Mika then reversed her flip, pulling Sonya forward and throwing her across the ring and into the burned ring post to the sound of the DQ bell.


“This is horrible!!!”  King shouted as Sonya’s unconscious body fell to the mat.  “What is she doing?!?”


“She’s interfering in the match,” April smiled.


“Well, stop her!”  Daffy boldly suggested.  “April, how’s about you go up there with a can of whip cream, fuzzy little handcuffs, and--”


Daffy soon found his beak ripped from his face and flung sixteen rows into the crowd of rabid fans.  The little black duck quickly leapt over the safety barrier after his missing mouth.


“Well,” Daisuke sighed.  “That was...odd.”


“Go April!”  Hiroshi cheered.


Jim Ross just laughed.


“Ladies and gentlemen,” The Ring Announcer pronounced.  “Due to excessive interference, this match has been declared a No Contest!”


Although this news generated a negative response from the crowd, their reaction did a polar flip when the pretty powerhouse in pink perched on a ring post and motioned for a microphone.


“Power, technique, and beauty!  I’ve mastered the basics!”  Rainbow Mika proclaimed to the crowd.  “I know what you all wanted to see guys, but I promise you, your desire for sex shall soon be replaced by a need for action!  And you’ll get action from the one and only Rainbow Mika!”


“Not likely,” King scoffed.


“Well,” Daisuke observed.  “This was unexpected, and yet, not very surprising.”


Meanwhile, Rainbow Mika still stood on the turnbuckle, basking in her attention from the crowd.  That is, until she looked down at the commentating table and saw something that made her jaw to drop in utter shock.


“Oh my god!  It’s really you!”  Mika suddenly gushed, leaping off the turnbuckle and onto the padding in front of the commentating table.


Rainbow reached into her skintight wrestling costume and produced a portrait of the legendary “King of Memphis Wrestling” at his peak. 


“Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler!  Can I have your autograph?!?”  Mika pleaded, clutching the photo to her breast like a regular teenie-bopper in front of their pop idol.


“Huh!?!”  King stammered while fighting an anime nosebleed.  “S-sure!”


“Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!”  Mika continued to gush as she placed the photo on the table and handed King a pen.  “I love you so much!  You’re my hero!”


“Uh...N-no problem,” King said as he quickly signed the picture and handed back to the frantic fighting fangirl.


“I gotta go,” Rainbow said as she headed to the back, holding the picture close to her heart.  “But I’ll be back!  Nothing can stop the Rainbow!”


Mika cheered and waved to the wild fans all the way to the back, clutching her new autographed swag like a holy treasure.


“So,” Daisuke pondered with a satisfied smirk.  “What do you think of Rainbow Mika now, King?”


“She’s great!”  King cheered.  “That girl’s got real talent!  She’s really going places!  But I think Chun-Li and Sonya could use some help.  Maybe a message, or someone to rub salve on their wounds.  I’ll be back in a few hours!”


“Yeah,” April scoffed, grabbing the King’s jacket.  “Right.  Sit down horn dog.”


At that time, a rather ruffled Daffy Duck climbed over the audience barricade and sat back in his seat at the commentator’s table, his beak now back in its rightful place. 


“Geez!  What happened to you?”  Hiroshi asked the duck in the tattered sports jacket.  “Did you jump in a mosh pit or something?”


“You are all absolutely despicable.”


* * * * *


To Be Continued…